Friday, January 2, 2009

friday funny

I haven't posted a Friday funny for a while and since I don't have much else to write about*, I thought I'd share the most recent thing that I found funny.

You all know the site LOLcats, right? Well, the other day I saw this and it reminded of the animated film Hoodwinked, this youtube clip in particular. (cute movie, if you haven't seen it already- plus it has the delicious voice of Patrick Warburton as the Big Bad Wolf)

And there you have it - a peek into my brain and the ridiculous, random things things that make me giggle. I'm sure its all very fascinating - almost as good as black velvet unicorn paintings and polyhedral dice. (what? you don't understand the reference? don't tell me you didn't listen to the Christmas Gun Nuts show...)

*lounging around the house playing on my new computer, watching DVDs and eating Thai takeout doesn't offer much blogfodder, I'm afraid.


Anonymous said...

Trimethylxanthine, a friend of mine indeed ;)


mad saint jack said...

Jokes about cats and books.

Andrew Levy's Book Club

(Book #3 was written by the guy asking the questions.)

Hulu has full Episodes, but they are not current.

WV: meled

Anonymous said...

Actually, it made me think of this.


Lydia said...

new computer, dvd's, and Thai Orchid...sounds like heaven.

Anonymous said...

Brass, that's the scene I thought of, too. "Over the Hedge" and "Hoodwinked" are two of my all-time favorite movies.