Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Heh. (or, Naughty Librarian, part II)

I recently got a late night email from my dear friend, the fabulous Phlegmfatale. The subject line was:"take this in the spirit it's intended: as a massive compliment" so naturally I was intrigued. I'm not really one that gets offended easily and I know that anything coming from Phlegmmy would be delightful and funny, so I opened the email already smiling.

There was a single line of text:

"Miss Moneypenny on Keen Eddie is a total Breda."

To which I said, "Who?"

A quick google search revealed this:

And then I laughed so hard I think I might have hurt myself. I just requested the DVDs from the library because obviously I could learn a thing or two. She might really be a saucy secretary but Miss Moneypenny has some serious "naughty librarian" skills.


Anonymous said...

The series pilot is not so great, but give it a couple episodes to settle in. It is seriously funny. It's a real shame it was canceled after one year.

phlegmfatale said...

tee hee!

Brilliant show. Loved it.

Great theme music by Daniel Ash, too.

Stingray said...

What they said. The tragedy though is Ms. Moneypenny only gets a few seconds per episode, while the makes-my-skin-crawl-and-trigger-finger-itch abomination that is Fiona gets minutes upon minutes of screentime.

Overall though, great show. It's one we revisit here at the nerd ranch fairly regularly.

Wyatt Earp said...

I've had dumbfounded moments like that at work. You find yourself daydreaming about an attractive woman, then end up looking like an idiot.

Oh yeah, I've had those.

Anonymous said...

"Miss Moneypenny on Keen Eddie is a total Breda."

Yep. She leaves some of us suspended in never-never land ~

And that's meant in the very best way... We just start coming down from an attractive photo and you put a perfect strip of bacon on supper... "OMG" to use a modern phrase.

Please don't stop. We need you in these trying times!


Willorith said...

The way that young lady says "detective" is seriously erotic.

SpeakerTweaker said...

+1 on Willorith's comment.

There's just something about an English accent on a lady.



Michelle said...

As the video has moved down the screen with more postings, it has come to sit beside your picture. I can't help but notice the same pose in both pictures.

B Smith said...

Wyatt: Welcome to my world. All day, every day... heh.

WV: upties- (n)- What one uses to tie someone up. (As opposed to 'downties', which, well, you know...)

"Yes, reference? Could you tell me the nearest place that would carry upties?"

The Old Man said...

As the lovely-and-talented wife is prone to remark while I'm watching Nigella on Food Network, "He'd listen to her read the phone book."

J.R.Shirley said...

God bless naughty librarians.

Though my brain would probably explode.