Tuesday, January 20, 2009

join or die*

Thirdpower of Days of Our Trailers and Alan of SnarkyBytes will soon be offering UMPC stickers!

And you can vote on the color!

*or just miss out on cool stuff
p.s. UMPC has a model you might recognize, too.


Joe Huffman said...

A couple weeks ago I was standing in the lobby of my building at work waiting for friend to show up and someone leaving the building saw that patch on the shoulder of my coat and did a double take. He paused for a moment then started talking...

He first thought I was with "Homeland Security" or a detective of some sort.

I didn't bother to explain that in a sense I was part of "Homeland Security" but not in the way he thought.

Then a couple days ago the bagger at the grocery asked what the patch meant. I told him it meant I was a gun blogger. He was sort of slacked jawed and I'm not sure if he understood or not.


Mike W. said...

I just bought two. One for the range bag and one for a hat.

Now if only I knew how to sew.

Breda said...

Mike W - there's this amazing stuff called Fabritac...no sewing required.

chrisb said...

So can anyone make that image part of their blog?

Mike W. said...

Thanks for the tip Breda.

Thirdpower said...


Send me an e-mail at:


I'll send you the code.

Old NFO said...

Looks good to me!