Thursday, January 29, 2009

paying attention?

I've always felt that in the midst of a heated debate, you will learn about a person's character. You will learn what they believe, how they think, and how they like to fight. So when an important election comes around and suddenly some of your friends are reading the news, asking your opinion on issues and wanting to have Important Conversations - it's a fun time for political junkies like me.

The election eventually occurs, of course, and people quickly go back to their normal lives - back to griping about their coworkers, watching reality television, planning this summer's vacation, and worrying about the gas bill. Politics become boring again and they stop caring about what the guy they just elected is actually doing with the power he's been granted. They stop paying attention to how the government is spending their money.

Like people who only show up for Mass on Easter or Christmas, this is politics as high holiday...and the government counts on it. They rely on voters to become apathetic after the excitement of an election wanes. Every media outlet is so saturated with candidates, issues and scandals during the campaign that after the ballots are counted, people are actually relieved.

So now the party's over. It's only been 9 days since the inauguration of our new president and, wow, he sure has been busy. While we've been passed out and recovering from our little post-political hangover, he's been going through our pockets and pilfering the silver.


Larry said...

I don't think I would characterize it that way.
What is happening is we hired this guy to promote the general welfare, and that's what he's doing.
It's not pilfering if we asked for it.

Mike W. said...

Larry - I sure as hell didn't ask for it, nor do I consider this a Constitutionally valid use of the "General Welfare" clause.

Sadly the masses DID ask for it, and they've got the power to screw you and I good & hard.

Crucis said...

No, it's not pilfering, it outright robbery at the point of a (federal) gun. The newest so-called stimulus package or $850B, supposedly for infrastructure, only has $30B for infrastructure and all the rest going to pork.

Buying votes for 2010 and 2012 in the best democrat tradition.

Old NFO said...

What Crucis said... Plus all the "stimulus" comes in 2010, right before elections... Ya know, the funny part is this was supposed to be the other $350B of the original TARP, now it's $850B... Now I'm not a math major, but it seems like that figure grew pretty damn quickly, just saying...