Tuesday, January 27, 2009

words of wisdom

Every gun enthusiast I've ever met has been more than willing to share their knowledge, whether it be about guns and accompanying gear or about how to shoot better. Everyone loves to pass on the the story of the thing that changed their shooting forever. Tonight's GunNuts Radio is all about those gunny tips & tricks. Caleb will share what he's learned from competitive shooting and I'll discuss my own journey from not hitting the target at all to being able to get fairly decent groups. We'll also be talking about the best ways to teach new shooters and, as always, we plan on taking callers.

Hope to see you tonight!

Gun Nuts Radio!

Tune in tonight at 9PM EST to listen!


kaveman said...

I'll try and call tonight. My dad taught me a technique when I was young that I've only seen duplicated in a few old WW2 documentaries.

Christina LMT said...

Awww. I wish I could have heard it live.