Monday, February 23, 2009

Gun Nuts - controversy!

Gun Nuts Radio.
Tonight at 9PM EST

On tonight's show Caleb and I are discussing how we, as passionate believers in the 2nd Amendment, should react to fellow gun owners who might not have the same set of values. (That's a polite way of saying "liberal gun owners who consistently vote for people who don't give a crap about gun rights.")

I made my feelings about liberals and guns pretty clear in two recent posts and got called names on my own blog (gasp! by a liberal! shocker!) so I'm kind of girding my loins today - preparing to get yelled at by complete strangers, to have a disagreement with my co-host, to totally alienate the last of my left leaning friends, and to be known as an intolerant bigot for the rest of my blogging career. Sounds fun, doesn't it? So tune in! It'll be great (just great.)

Gun Nuts Media has more fans on facebook than American Hunters & Shooters Association...join us tonight to find out why!

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Joanna said...

"be known as an intolerant bigot for the rest of my blogging career"

You can have one without the other? Who knew? :-P

Mike W. said...

Choosing not to go to the range with those who don't share your political beliefs doesn't make you a bigot.

It's your time, your money, and you're the one making the offer. You can take whomever you want.

Remember, you're not the one supporting those who want to infringe on a specific enumerated right.

og said...

Shoot them, and take their guns.

Was that out loud? sorry.

Anonymous said...

Choosing not to go to the range with any particular person for any particular reason certainly does not make you a bigot.

Calling people who vote for a different party than you do traitors certainly does. At least you know you're a bigot, which you most certainly are.

Breda said...

Og - maybe you should call in, huh?

And anonymous? More name calling? So typical of a liberal - brave enough to sling insults, but too cowardly to post a name. Thank you for helping to prove at least one of my points.

Breda said...

Oh, and by the way? I've never used the word "traitor" when speaking of liberals - that would imply you had any kind of honor to begin with. I will, however, freely admit that I have used the word "pathetic"

Mike W. said...

"Calling people who vote for a different party than you do traitors certainly does. At least you know you're a bigot, which you most certainly are."

I would certainly say that a gun owner who voted for Obama is one who wilfully betrayed his fellow gun owners. I think that's an action worthy of criticism, as Breda noted in her previous posts.

Actions have consequences. In this case the consequence is that Breda will not bring such people to the range. After all, they elected a guy who would disarm her.

Bigotry is defined as,

"a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices ; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group with hatred and intolerance."

Breda is free to associate with whomever she wants. If she chooses not to associate with anti-gun liberals who actively help deny her the exercize of her rights that's a choice she's free to make. That doesn't make her a bigot, it makes her a free woman.

There's nothing bigoted about not being tolerant of those who wish to deny you your rights.

James E. Griffin said...

Would it be impolite of me to point out that freedom of speech is important, because it's easier to spot the hemorrhoids that way? (An a**hole on occasion has a useful purpose.) Yup, the nastiest comments are always anonymous. They must leave nasty stuff on their keyboards too! YUK!!

drjim said...

I'd say "Never back down, Breda", but then I don't think you have any intentions to do so.
Good for you!

Cliff47 said...

I'll be listening for you tonight on GNR. Don't let the blighters (in lieu of another term) get you down.

MCSA said...

Spartan's Ending

(I watch this ending an can't help but think that BHO resembles Xerxes...)

Sometimes, there is just no other way. People are just too stupid, eh?

On the lighter (maybe not side) , tho, I keep thinking of Brigid's tag line: "Come to the dark side - we have cookies..."

-Less (posting as MCSA)

pdb said...

I'm kind of girding my loins today


Again, I am dismayed I will be working and unable to tune in. This will be an awesome show.

Mom said...

Breda you're doing fine. Who needs, wants, likes or loves a lying fake? People either love you for who you are or they don't. Can't see that you've insulted anyone, just called 'em as you see 'em. Those who can handle that from themselves but not others are welcome to move on.

og said...

I had a choice betrween stating up for GN-TNG and crlimbing into a warm bed with the ogwife and getting to sleep early. Sorry. A man has to have his priorities.

Captcha: Subdubl. A double barreled submachinegun. For the traditionalist who still wants a high cyclic rate.

Robert said...

Those of us who love human liberty and hope to expand it ARE making a difference. For one thing, this little group of patriots from all over gets to gather once a week to hear each others voices and be in this excellent company. And we are blogging, shooting, voting, BE-ing ourselves in the world. That's not a little thing.
I'm happy.

Robert said...

I'd be a little disappointed if those who take comfort in the collective weren't squeaking a little now and then.
When you are labeling young women reference librarians as are grasping at straws in the dark.

Assrot said...

I'm kind of girding my loins today

Oh no! Breda! Please tell me it's not true.

You have loins?