Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gun Nuts Gear

Tonight on Gun Nuts Radio, Caleb and I will be chatting about all of the fun non-gun gadgets and accessories that gets carried along with our choice of firearm. Holsters, flashlights, knives, even tactical bracelets and pens - there are so many options available to supplement your self-defense gear.

We'll also be talking to Jared West, president of Mantis Knives , who will discuss his beautiful line of sharp & stabbies.

Join us tonight at 9PM EST - we'll be taking callers, as usual, and we'd love to hear from you.

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IllTemperedCur said...

Back in the Army days (lo these many years ago), we used to do lots of combat macrame. Good way to pass the time while sitting on your rucksack in a hanger, waiting on a transport.

Do a web search for paracord bracelets, and you'll find lots of instructions, and variations.

I did a bunch of key fobs, dog collars and leashes for Christmas gifts this year. Went over like gangbusters.