Thursday, February 5, 2009

is it Friday yet?

Argh. I woke up late and had a nosebleed this morning. I think it snowed again but, really, who can tell at this point? It's so cold I didn't want to take a shower before work and risk frozen hair.

So more blog later. It'll be better than this, promise.

p.s. good thing they made February the shortest month because it already seems oppressively long.

thanks to the super funny Natalie Dee, who knows all about Ohio winters.


Anonymous said...


O/T, but I have a bunch of people coming to Cleveland for a reunion in June - any recommendations on decent shooting ranges in the area?

Maybe you can turn this into a range-review post ;)


Wai said...

I'm unemployed, so right now, every day is Saturday to me :)

GreyBeard said...

Have you been watching to much of,

P.S. I just started listening to "GunNuts". I like!

Tom said...

yeah, 1-3" forecast for yesterday (west-sider)

12" on the car when I went out there.

They're as accurate as gore is.

drjim said...

I grew up in Northern Illinois, so I know how you feel.
We had the beautiful Fall, when the trees turned colors...
We had Halloween, with pumpkins and CANDY...
We had Thanksgiving with family and friends...
We had Christmas with family and presents...
We had New Years!
And then.......NOTHING until the weather got nice.
Hang in there, Spring will eventually get there!