Wednesday, March 4, 2009

bacon, the perfect sin.

Turns out eating bacon makes you all kinds of naughty.

Repent! (...or don't go back for seconds. Whichever.)


alan said...

Well I guess I'll see y'all in hell because I'm not giving up my bacon.

Jeffrey Quick said...

Do you get extra demerits for eating it on Fridays in Lent?

Dave said...

Ahh tonight I gave in and made fried potatoes the way Dad did, in bacon grease with real bacon fried right along with them.

Yum... I hope I didn't scar my fat craving 18 year old for life... oh wait... I've ruined his diet along time ago.


Anonymous said...

Does ham count as a lesser sin?


Warthog said...

See ya in hell.

Bacon, the real reason I never eat breakfast with a physician.

Assrot said...

What's with all the fanatical blogging about bacon lately? I see it everywhere. It seems kind of silly.