Sunday, March 29, 2009

quite possibly the best range day EVER

Look at how I spent my Sunday afternoon...

All this shooty goodness was for a very special occasion. My friend and #1 fanboy* Mad Saint Jack (nom de blog, of course) was in town with his family and we thought a range trip was definitely in order. Mike and I met Jack and his (absolutely charming) father at our range and brought them in as our guests. They presented me with a little gift of .380 auto snapcaps for my Bersa (which I promise I will use for that dryfiring practice I've been neglecting) and a smörgåsbord of firearms for me to try.

I actually had to make a list of all the things I shot yesterday, so I wouldn't forget.

- Smith & Wesson 625, a .45 revolver
- Springfield Armory .45 caliber 1911
- Glock 17L
- Glock 26
- Walther P22
- Smith & Wesson Chief Special .45
- Ruger 10/22 with a red dot scope
- Winchester 69 bolt action .22 caliber rifle
- Bersa Thunder .380 (mine)
- Ruger SP101 (Mike's)

There were other firearms we brought to the range but just didn't have time to shoot. Besides, I had found and surpassed gunny nirvana somewhere in the middle of all that and was reaching the critical "OMG, I'm so blissed out I need a nap" stage. Ranges are filled with happy, relaxed people of every race, gender and creed- recoil therapy really is good for what ails you.

Jack and his father both took turns with my .380, saying they wanted to shoot "the famous Bersa" and since Jack loves those plastic fantastic semiautos I told him that sure, I'd shoot his guns. I'm not a Glockist, you know. I really do believe in equal rights for all pistols despite the fact I spent quite a bit of time discussing the superior beauty and function of the 1911 with Jack's father, who owns the Springfield Armory you can see in the first photo. So here's proof - I will shoot a Glock. Not well, not with that JMB joy, but yes, I'll shoot it.

My love for .45 was reafffirmed with this beautiful Smith & Wesson revolver. I shot it double action because I couldn't pull hammer back with my thumb without completely ruining my grip - it was big - but it was really fun to shoot.

I shot both rifles that Jack brought, and enjoyed a little bolt action.

Following our time at the range, we went out for a late lunch. There was bacon and good conversation - a perfect afternoon - and I really can't thank my new friends enough.

*I kid you not, he truly deserves that title - he was quoting my blog posts to me.

p.s. at one point, there were 4 of my blogreaders at the range yesterday. 4! Makes a girl feel kinda special.Thanks guys!


OpenMindedRepublican said...

What, no Sigs?

Alan said...

When does the Annual Breda Invitational shoot kick off?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Ahh, THERE is the Breda I've been waiting for. Happy-Range-Breda.

the pistolero said...

I have the parkerized version of that Springfield 1911 and really like it. I don't know how bent you are on getting a Colt, Breda, but if you're open to other 1911 brands I'd heartily recommend the Springfield. I really, really need to get back to the range myself...

WV: froth: what the idea of someone wanting to disarm me almost makes me do at the mouth, maybe?

Lorimor said...

Just a matter of time before this becomes a pay-per-visit site.


WV: micein- an essential mineral vital to good health much like niacin but its original tag ultimately proved to be a turnoff to the average consumer so it was quietly renamed "Vitamin B12."

Mike W. said...

Looks like a good time Breda!

No pics of your targets?

Johnnyreb said...

Trigger time is Happy time ... ;-)

Shoothouse Barbie said...

So, I saw "nom de blog" and in my mind, took it to mean much yummy blog, you know, like "nom!nom!nom! blog!", and not name of blog. Not sure which one you meant, but I think term "nom du blog" as meaning "yummy bloggy goodness" is pretty swank.

Mad Saint Jack said...

The Chief Special .45 belonged Breda's shooting buddy, and she shot it much better than I did.

She also shoots Glocks well enough to get the job done.

My shooting seemed to be a little off, I think I had the fanboy shakes.

OMR- I told Mike that a 239 .357 Sig is my "when I get the money gun".

Mike W. said...

MSJ - You'll love the 357 SIG - well everything but the price of ammo at least.

Mad Saint Jack said...

....and if Breda has this much fun shooting paper targets what's going to happen when she gets her sights on a tin can???

Mike- that was the point I failed at making.

Jennifer said...

Recoil therapy. And with some wheelies no less! Ah bliss.
I too love a .45. I will own one soon.

Stretch said...

Dang girl! Did you have a cigarette afterwards?
I have a 623 w/ rubber grips. Great dbl. action. And even with hands my size cocking the sucker will mess with my grip. Should be a S&W 25 or 625 in every gun safe. Either .45acp or .45lc. Take your choice.

Old NFO said...

Great post! Glad y'all got a day at the range and fun was had by all!

Brigid said...

I remember Mad St. Jack from the brew pub. Such a cool guy. I'm glad you had such a good time.

Heath said...

Looks fun!

TJP said...

To heck with single action. The beauty of the S&W 25 / 625 can't be realized without shooting double-action. Such a well-balanced gun with a four or five inch barrel.

ravenshrike said...

The pink gun reminds me of Ghostbusters II. Sorry, just had to get that out there. But be careful it doesn't try to eat you or start dancing to music. Y'know, just in case.

Warthog said...

Just by way of a reminder...there coulda been a second Bersa in that pic (hint, hint).

I'm also going to strongly second the S.A. 1911 option. Mine's run without a single tick over the last 2 years and I tend to shoot it 500 rounds at a session.

Kevin said...


Thumb-cock with your weak hand. Then you don't need to shift your grip.

John the Texaner said...

Indeed, range time is good therapy. I made a point of mentioning it at the end of my last blog post, because it really is a great phenomena - a universal one, as far as I can tell. I can't count the number of new shooters who have made the same observation of being very relaxed after their first range session.

I always find that when I've had a stressful week (or month), a range session really puts things into perspective and helps me think clearly.

It's unfortunate that these positive mental effects don't translate well into photographs or words. If they did, we might have an entire therapy industry built around the shooting sports!

Mad Saint Jack said...


That's what she was trying to do, but she still had to unwrap her weak hand to reach.

After the fact I realized I just saw an ep. of Best Defense where Heidi Smith said she cants over her .45 Ruger Bisley so she can reach the hammer with her weak hand.

Next time I'll try to show Breda what Heidi was doing.

WV: roust

Burnt Toast said...

Love those revolvers!

George said...

Other than my S&W 686, my favourite revolver for pure enjoyment was the 625. Mine was in .45LC ... and it was a sweetheart to shoot. (For single action, I did use my weakhand thumb on the hammer.)

She was nickeled and strong and just plain beautiful. As you can see, I miss her.


Mad Saint Jack said...

Bookmarked on my Droid so I can have this post in my pocket.