Wednesday, March 11, 2009

technical difficulties, please stand by.

Last night's Gun Nuts Radio show went quite well despite my BTR randomly messing with my head and my cordless phone making the most godawful noise you ever heard in your life.

I really appreciate Bryan for coming on and sharing his story with us. He's as calm on air as he was during the open carry+LEOs incident he recorded. He also has started his own blog, Ohio Liberty, so be sure to pay him a visit and welcome him to the blogosphere.

This show hit (in more ways than one) very close to home for me - I've wanted to OC for a while now but have never felt brave enough to do it alone. Bryan has kindly agreed to meet with me sometime in the near future for a cup of coffee and my first open carry experience. There will photos and a full report, so stay tuned.

(Special thanks also to Buckeye Firearms and Ohioans for Concealed Carry)


Anonymous said...

Cops trying to intimidate people from exercising their rights. Shame, shame on them.

Sounds like my experience but I didn't get the lecture.

He needs to sue.

Shootin' Buddy

Mike W. said...

Wow! I'm not sure I'd be able to have such a composed discussion with cops who'd just ordered me to my knees at gunpoint.

And yes, he needs to sue. I fully believe that cops who act as the Sgt. did need to be punished.

I'm sorry I missed most of the show. I caught the 1st few minutes and then my laptop battery died. I also couldn't use the chat. I could see everyone talking, but couldn't comment myself even though I was logged in.

Guess I'll have to catch it on MP3 later.

Borepatch said...

Great show. Although we all thought Zombies had come for you for a bit there... ;-)

Anonymous said...

My friend went to the police academy and was enlightening me on Indiana gun law I was amazed at how ill informed this individual was and is. I showed some corrections from my copy of "Indiana handgun law" By Brian Ciyo (sorry not sure of the spellig) a local indianapolis attorny. The response was "well thats one interpratation" he did reserch the book for TWO years but thats not relavent. Once bad information is passed on it takes on a life of it's own.

Anonymous said...

I listened to the episode yesterday on iTunes around 3AM and when that noise went off, I jumped out of my chair. Then I proceeded to ROFL at Caleb's comments.

Too funny.

Another great episode though.

B Smith said...

D'ya think that LEO could've thrown in a few more "God-damns" for good measure? Although I'm usually not what you'd call a religious nut, there's something about the Lord's-name-in-vain thing that irritates the piss out of me. an officer should be more sensitive, particularly when the subject has done nothing wrong (and he, by definition, has). Don't give me any of that "stress of the job" crap either. It's a piss-poor excuse.
This guy was boorish, rude and condescending---typical of the encounters I've had with law officers. Anyone who wonders why I have little or no respect for them (and avoid them outright whenever/ wherever possible) needs only to listen to this recording.