Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Gun Nuts, media & me

If you forgot to tune into the last Gun Nuts show, you might find yourself regretting it. Not only did you miss a fun topic (favorite - and not so favorite - firearms related books, movies and television shows), you missed me hosting the show. Prior to being on the air, Caleb walked me through the sign-up and managed to get me on the BlogTalk hostcam to prove once and for all that, even without a selection of ballcaps, I'm much cuter than my cohost, if only marginally. So I spent a lot of time struggling to figure out the switchboard, trying to keep up with Caleb, and holding very still for the webcam, lest I look like a highly pixellated Seurat-esque painting.

Good times, I tell ya.

Anyway, as usual, Caleb has all the downloading details on his blog or you can just click on the Gun Nuts logo below...

Tell a friend about Gun Nuts Radio & don't forget to tune in next week!


Lydia said...

I think you should post a list of your favorite fire arm related books...just in case someone might want to read them

Lorimor said...

Well, I wanted to be there but work interfered.

Life is like that sometimes.

Anonymous said...

The real nuts are on Gun Nuts!

Mulligan said...

plus Mike & the Cat !!

Anonymous said...

No mention of
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Way of the Gun (some of the best gunhandling ever)
Rough Riders
The Wind and the Lion
Enemy at the Gates

Shots Fired in Anger
With British Snipers to the Reich


Roadkill said...

Her hair is so very Shiny...