Thursday, April 23, 2009


Most of my family is a pretty trim bunch, despite the fact that we eat whatever we want (in moderation) and never "work out." No one I'm biologically related to has ever had a struggle with weight loss and we all have freakishly low blood pressure. I'm sure coming from a people who subsisted mainly on heavy starches, red meat and whiskey has something to do with it so I'm going to blame my laziness on genetics.

"Hey," I think, "I still fit into my jeans - and, wow, exercise is hard...maybe I'll just cut back on sweets."And so I do and lose a few pounds (I assume, I don't even own a scale) and am satisfied until the guilt sets in again...

I mean, I suppose I could probably have my daily allotment of bacon and beer and follow it up with a dish of ice cream and still look fine but I'm going to be 35. I should exercise.

TD of The Unforgiving Minute and quite a few of my other friends on the Gunblogger Conspiracy have started exercising, and encouraging each other in their efforts. (Well, maybe "encouraging" is the wrong word because so far, it seems like a competition to see who cause themselves the most misery using a method called Crossfit.

"Dude! My legs hurt so bad, I could barely walk!"

"I vomited a whole pot of coffee after my workout!"


Anyway, my point is that I want to start doing something. I have a balance ball, some free weights, and a bicycle. I want triceps that won't flap around 10 years from now, a more defined waist and general all-over toning. But mostly, I'd like to be strong. It's hard to kick ass otherwise.

*small, but soft


Anonymous said...

I recommend pushups, situps, and running. All three are core muscle group exercises, don't require specialized equipment, and can be done almost anywhere.

Since 1/1/2008, by controlling diet, 30 pushups every day, and 50 situps, and running three days a week, I have lost almost 80 pounds, feel better, and daresay look better too. :-)

Running (once you've done it a few weeks) shouldn't be any harder than you could comfortably carry on a conversation. I found and to be good workout programs as well...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and pushups help my stance and grip a lot too. No substitute for forearm strength in keeping the front sight on target! ;-)

Kevin said...

The real secret is to only do a 50%-75% effort until you have established the habit of exercise. Then do more, once in a while, returning to the 50-75% range for most workouts.

Mike W. said...

I agree with the suggestion of running, pushups, and situps.(crunches too)

Once I get cleared by the docs (hopefully) then I'll start doing all of this regularly again.

Try basic dips for your triceps. If you've got two chairs that you don't mind putting your feet on that's all you'll need. If you've never done them your tri's are going to hurt like hell for the
1st few days.

Breda said...

running + prosthesis might not work so well, maybe the bike?

LabRat said...

If you want to learn to get strong and you have free weights, Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength is the best resource I can think of. With your metabolism, a good weight routine alone should give you everything you're after.

He's one of the guys involved with Crossfit and tends to hold up the raw-strength end of things- I'm a hell of a lot stronger now than I was when I followed a traditional bodybuilding-style routine.

Mad Saint Jack said...

I think you you should take up stick (cane) fighting.


(look at the sample vid.)

Mike W. said...

"running + prosthesis might not work so well, maybe the bike?"

Oops, forgot about that. Yeah bike would work. Swimming is excellent exercize too, assuming that's your thing and you have access to a pool.

The female swimmers I've known have very well-defined back & shoulder muscles.

Dev said...

There are prostheses that allow running; I have no idea what they cost, though. Running is a much better lower-body workout than cycling, and probably a more useful skill in an emergency situation. Don't give up on it just because of a missing leg! Just keep your shoe light and minimally padded for better foot/leg conditioning and injury prevention (google run barefoot for plenty o' info). (and twohundredsitups) are excellent sites because they give you structure, with a good ease-in period and enough growth to be challenging. Helps keep your workout plan alive on days 2/3.

As for cycling, try commuting/running errands by bike. A good rack & panniers will help you carry what you need. That's the #1 way I stay fit, is just by cycling/walking everywhere I can. (In Sprawlsville, CA, too.)

Tam said...

If you get out to a blogmeet, remind me to show you the cool directly-shooty-related exercise gear I got from Shootin' Buddy...

(WV: "bodkworm". I don't know what it means, but it deserves to be memorialized...)

Ken said...

Swimming, walking at a brisk pace, and the bike, I think (IANA pain trainer, so this is not official exercise advice).

Eleven months ago, I partially tore my left Achilles playing basketball. Durn thing still ain't quite right, but I can hike just fine in good boots. I used to like to run, but I'm pushing 48 and suspect I ought to give my knees a break anyhow, let alone my ankle.

Me said...

Hi Breda,

I love your blog, but I have to take issue with a comment that you made above. Running + prosthesis is actually easy to do. I do it regularly (and I just blogged about it today in fact) and if you talk to your prosthetist, he or she can hook you up with the right foot. It takes a bit of getting used to, but then it's pretty natural, and the plus side is that people hear you coming and move out of your way. :-)

Jennifer said...

Yeah, I was skinnyfat at the first of the year too. Had to dig a scale out of the garage. It's an antique. I haven't really lost any weight, but I've lost inches and gained strength. The toning is nice too. I do intend to wear a swimsuit soon.

ditto said...

Screw working out. Shoot more and build those muscles.
I am Irish descent and drink regularly and farmm otherwise. Maybe wrestling cows is what you need to do.
I would try a far east discipline for exercise.

Breda said...

Hi Me (You?) - I just blogrolled you today and plan on checking in regularly. Perhaps the no running has less to do with my prosthesis and more to do with my laziness. You are certainly an inspiration though - and thank you for it.

ditto - wrestling cows? Cows wrestle?

Bob said...

Maybe ditto meant rustling cows? Calling Wyatt Earp!

ditto said...

Just get one in a half Nelson and see if you don't have to fight for your life.
Of course mine are a bit more civilized, they wear a jersey.

Assrot said...

Can all that exercise bullshit and do something fun. Try IDPA. You actually do something besides stand or sit at a bench pulling a trigger.

It's a lot of fun and you get a good workout to boot.


Jay G said...

FYI, I posted some of my strength training routine here if you're interested.