Saturday, May 16, 2009


(love the tie)Yesterday afternoon, Cam Edwards of NRA News gave a brief talk on podcasting. I attended and took notes, which I then dutifully emailed to my Gun Nuts Radio co-host, Caleb. There were quite a few ideas presented that I think will help make our show even better.

After the session was over, I made a point to go talk to Cam and was delighted to find that he had heard of Gun Nuts. He complimented us on the job we were doing and naturally, we ended up talking shop and discussed the possibilities of a joint Gun Nuts-Cam & Company show sometime in the future.

At the end of our conversation Cam said, "Wow, I feel like I'm meeting a celebrity!"

I laughed and replied, "Me too!"

Mr. Edwards is clearly a very kind man.


Robert said...

I'm telling....young, smart, cute, armed AND you get to park close to're an unstoppable force!
Cam can feel a shift in the Force.

HollyB said...

He's gonna join the Bredalution, I just KNOW it.

Couple of posts late, but sorry about your TSA encounter of the invasive kind. I flew with a walking cast once and my C-PAP as a carry on. I got hand wanded and patted down. They also tried their damnedest to disassemble my C-PAP and then couldn't find a way to put it back together. Idiots!

Jay G said...

Cam's the lucky one in that exchange...

Thanks for the updates, Breda!

Earl said...

Cam Edwards, is a nice guy but I have no idea who he really is - but everybody knows Breda! Nice carry, pictures from Kevin.

Eric said...

Cam is a great guy. When NRA News first started (web only), Cam asked a trivia question to give away a NRA hat signed by the crew. I got the right answer and the hat. In exchange, I sent him a hat from my alma mater (UCF) and he actually wore it during his show!