Saturday, May 2, 2009


Sonya the slow loris...

Finger lickin' good!

We have a worm aficionado in our own house who can attest to their divine and utter deliciousness. Maybe I could set up a lunch date.


Did it MY way said...

One neat guy.Even licks his fingers.

Wai said...


I've eaten meal worms myself, scrambled in eggs. They were pretty good. I even went back for seconds and thirds.

Kaiju Images said...

Mealworms are great when you dry them in the oven. Kind of a sunflowery nut flavor.

Also put them in almond bark candy and they're just like rice krispies!!

Tam said...


Anonymous said...

What type of animal is Sonya anyway? I think it is some form of monkey, howerver I am not sure at all. Looks more like a night mover than day. Because of the large eyes.

Anonymous said...

Rolled on down this blog and found out it is a anteater. Still think it is a night mover. Funney video down below.

Anonymous said...

NO I am wrong about the anteater it was my first impression it is some form of monkey. I do not seem to read English well.

staghounds said...

So, cuscus, loris, or Knut?

Bonus worm video- lemurs get baked on millipede juice. I love the expression when he bites it-

"Yuck! That tastes AWFUL, why did I DO that?

Ohhhhh, yeaaaaahhhhh"

Speaking of nomnomnom, I know a bird cannibal.

And, Kaiju- "just like rice crispies?

Two words-

Mealworm Treats.

Go on, Mr. Big Worm talk. I double dog dare you.

Old NFO said...

Funny video- Love the expressions!

James R. Rummel said...

Good post.


Hammer said...

Yep that's about the only creature that could make eating worms look cute.

dr mac said...

The eyes remind me of E.T.