Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday snoozle

Here's Desmond*, my oldest male cat, giving me the love eyes. He's momma's big honey boy - he's got to be 20 pounds by now - pure purring tomcat. I raised him from 3 weeks old (he's littermate to tiny Fae and Oona, if you can believe that) so he still thinks he's my little kitten, occasionally crawling up into my lap for a cuddle.

I can never resist.

Also - because Mike insists on overwhelming you with cute, here's Desmond's baby photo.

* named after Desmond Morris, author of Catwatching


Anonymous said...

This is another one of those "awwww" moments, brought to you by Breda, a real kitty lover. Thanks for sharing. Loki thinks he's cute !


Tam said...

Having a cat named after Desmond Morris is teh awesome.

Old NFO said...

Cute! :-)

LOL- WV- caticat

Lester said...

For your reading list, it combines 2 of your favorite things.

Bought this for my "Crazy Cat Lady" wife for Easter and she loved it.You may want a tissue as you near the end of the book though.

boomvark said...

Awww. Silver tabbies rule.

And +1 to naming him after Desmond Morris.

phlegmfatale said...

desmond is too too cute!

Lissa said...

Pretty kitty!

Anonymous said...

What an adorable kitten picture! LOVE cats.