Thursday, May 21, 2009

there & back again

This morning after a fleeting moment of not knowing where I was, I opened my eyes and found myself in my own bed, surrounded by my boy cats. The window was open, the sounds were familiar and the sun had long since been up.

"Home!" I thought. I stretched, petted the cats and toyed with the idea of staying in bed all day. I had slept for 10 hours and am still tired - I find travel exhausting.

But no rest for the weary - duty calls. So let me collect my thoughts, empty my suitcase and edit some photos - I have so much blogfodder that I'll be writing about the 2A Blogbash and Arizona for the next few days. Hope you don't mind.


Kevin said...

Mind? I'm looking forward to it!

Robb Allen said...

*insert hobbit-sized joke here*

Glad you're back. Gladly will wait for details.

Jay G said...

Bilbo's Memoires FTW!

Glad you're back home safe and sound, Breda.

Mike W. said...

Oh come on guys! She's not short, just pocket-sized and modular.

Glad to see you survived your trip on the big metal tube in the sky.

Christina LMT said...

Can't wait!

Very cute picture...though it looks like you might want to invest in some sunglasses! ;)
Not being used to the fierce desert sun, and all.

Robert said...

How was the TSA on the way home?

Mad Saint Jack said...

Glad your home, and I wouldn't blame you for spending the day in bed.

(Isn't that why you got the Eee PC?)

Mad Saint Jack said...

In the meantime:

Bacon Chocolate Cake

Anonymous said...

Nice country out there, I miss New Mexico sometimes.


Steve said...

Don't mind at all.

Blog on.

The Duck said...

I got back Saturday at midnight, & I'm still feeling it, at least you have a long weekend to catch up.

Lorimor said...

Where's the tiara?