Thursday, June 25, 2009


Please save Ohio's libraries! (and probably my job)

5 days from today, Governor Strickland is going to cut the budget for Ohio's libraries by 50%, despite his claims to support education. Even worse, library business has actually been booming during the difficult economy - people need our services more than ever.

So, if you're an Ohioan, please help. Contact your state representatives, email the the governor...anything. Please.


Alan said...

Ah, the old "make the cuts where it will affect people the most so they'll approve a tax increase" trick.

Anonymous said...

Maybe libraries should sell ammo to make up for the budget shortfall.

There is outstanding precedent: remember the documentary "King of the Hill" when Peggy, citizen of the Republic of Texas, rents her book store to Dale's gun nut buddies?

Shootin' Buddy

Skullz said...

Welcome to devolution -

"Thus public union bosses won't be suffering any big cuts in pay or benefits, and neither will their municipal and state administration counterparts. (Of course there will be symbolic cuts for PR purposes, but nothing deep.) What will be cut is part-time librarians, custodians, county park staff, etc.--the powerless people who actually serve the public."

Jeffrey Quick said...

I'm of several minds about this, from what I've heard.

I'd be a lot more sympathetic if I heard protests from patrons rather than library staff and administrators, or if they weren't wringing their hands over peripheral services like materials for the blind or Internet access for "urban outdoorsmen". Fact: there will be cuts. Certainly, library cuts should be proportionate to everyone else's, and they aren't. Anything that will cut OhioLink services hurts me personally.

Personally, professionally, I think that libraries are one of least cuttable things. But we're all standing around the cannibal pot, and once we've accepted the premise that "what's mine is yours" (which IS the premise behind taxpayer funding of libraries), we don't get any more say than anyone else. And who are we to say that reading books for free is a more important service than paying for cheesesuckers like my common-law-stepdaughter-in-law to download Child #5 (as she just has), or making sure that Portage Co. is meth-free, or or or... It's all stolen money, and every public librarian is IN PRACTICE a socialist. If you wonder why so many people in our profession are leftists, it's because they're honest enough to admit who butters their bread. How bad would it be if people had to throw a quarter into a turnstile to enter the library, or pay a buck to borrow a book? "Free" public libraries aren't a right; they're something instituted by a rich bastard steel magnate, because he thought thats where his excess money would do the most good.

I know you aren't going to like this post, Breda. But it needs to be said. If you don't like it, steal the Mrs. and Mr. Strickland "Read" posters off the circ desk, and go to the range.

West, By God said...

Well, as much as I tend to dislike taxpayer-funded anything, libraries have always been a foundation of the first amendment. The public library system in America was Benjamin Franklin's baby. There's no question that the public library is one of the defining elements of a modern civilization.

Until governments start by cutting funds for truly unnecessary things (and our taxes fund a lot of crap!), we can't abide cutting back on our most important institutions.

Anonymous said...

Yikes! I forwarded the info to all my relatives in the Elyria area... too bad my word as an Ohioan by birth won't carry weight, or I'd write myself too!

Stretch said...

Ditch the bake and used book sales. The real money maker in Library Sciences is "special" sessions with the head librarian for late book returns.

Tom said...

Oh look, the dems in charge of Ohio are trying to cut education.

I'm shocked. SHOCKED I tell ya!

Like I said, as far as I'm concerned this is an effort to cut education. Like public schools the resources is there for those who will use it.

Just a thought on this for the future. When the climate change cap and trade scheme passes and you can't afford to run your computer as much remember where that info USED to reside before the cuts came.

Yes, I use the library constantly, and though I despise taxes I did support the levy for the library. I also usually end up paying at least $1000 in overdues per year (I'm bad with due dates.)

if they want to start slashing things I can name a long list of elected parasites and public union folks who can stand to lose a lot. Remember the broad that looked into Joe the plumber? Over $200K a year.

Anonymous said...

They pulled this crap in California when Prop 13 passed eons ago. I understand (I escaped CA 5 years ago) that they're pulling it again. Hit the libraries, not the social-engineering entitlements.

Until politicians start getting removed for this sort of tantrum it will continue.

Libraries are one of the few real educational resources left in our dumbed-down society.