Monday, June 15, 2009

no news before bed

I dreamed of Barack Obama, two nights in a row.

The first night, I was at a small town carnival. There were rides, games and food stalls, all set up on a circular track, somewhere in the Great Plains. Everything had that golden haze of late summer and the ground looked dry enough to be set ablaze by a single spark. I was walking with two friends and was aware that the President was somewhere at the festival, just as I knew he was aware of me and my dislike for him. I found him at last, working at a hotdog stand. He was wearing what looked to be a costume - a straw boater hat, a striped shirt with white collar and cuffs - and was playing at being part of the town, just a normal fellow. I walked up to him and he offered me a hotdog, grinning at me like he does. He was trying to win me over.

"Mr. President, if you just do what's best for the American people, you'll be fine."

He nodded and smiled.

"But the problem, Mr. President, is that your opinion of what's best for us isn't. Not only that, but whatever lies brought you here, you now have all the power - and you are forcing yourself on us."

His face changed, and he became angry. I had just accused him with the truth.

The second night, I dreamed I met him in an office. Everything was too new and too clean but strangely he sat behind an old, brown '60s style metal desk, hands folded on top of it. He was wearing a cheap shirt and tie. I walked toward him, wondering why everything looked so blue...ah, my brain was trying to recreate fluorescent lighting. As I approached I lucidly decided that I'd have the same conversation with him, that the last night's dream was just practice. He leaned toward me slightly and wasn't smiling this time at all.

I said my lines again, almost in exactly the same way, and woke surprised. I wondered if he's had dreams too - of a small, dark haired, disapproving woman who stalks him as he sleeps.

Keep one eye open, Mr. President.


Joanna said...

You're one of the last people I'd want haunting my dreams, if only because I've worked with librarians and I know that glare. :-P

Alan said...

If he was a normal human, the guilt alone would keep him up at night.

Unfortunately he's a politician. Do politicians dream like humans? I hope he does because I love the idea of him dreaming about a small, dark haired, disapproving woman chasing him through his dreams.

Steve R said...

While I like your dreams, I could have gone a long, long time without knowing about that website.

I'm sure if you submit yours they won't make it to publication. Too based in reality, not in hopeychangitis.

You see him for what he has truly done to this country, and they want to portray him as a savior for the country, and the world.

Reality, and their delusions, are worlds apart.

John B said...

Well the dreams I've had of him, and the democratic leadership, would probably get me locked away.

Mildest one is a 30's carny shooting gallery. Where the little metal targets were very faithful depictions of Obama, Schumer, Pelosi, Clinton, et. al. Knocking them all down caused the genial white-haired operator to hand me a stuffed moose.

I better not mention the peep show.

NyQuil and politics, bad mix...

Keep up the Rem State crusade!

Lissa said...

Dreams of My Unwanted Father Figure . . .

Wai said...

Did you ever see the movie "Dreamscape?"

Stever R said...

No further comments really. I am of the opinion that none of the dreams that most of us here are having involve having him continue on his present course.

WV = fight

I just had to respond with a WV like that!

Alex said...

"and was aware that the President was somewhere at the festival, just as I knew he was aware of me and my dislike for him."

Why did I just think of that scene in The Lord of the Rings, where Sauron suddenly becomes aware of the ring bearer?

Jeffrey Quick said...

At least you haven't had the kind of dreams about him that some women have had. Not that I'd know, because you have too much class to share those.

Anonymous said...

I also had a dream, but it was with Bill Clinton.
I had walked at the local mall yesterday.
My dream last night involved me walking at the mall, when I was suddenly walking next to Bill. He was out of breath and I offered to allow him to lean on me. I put my around him to hold him up.
He was shivering like a scared pup and I suddenly realized he was just a shaky old man. Of no harm to anyone anymore. All the contempt I've held for him flowed out of me, replaced by pity that he's just an irrelevant footnote to history.
Wow! Some dream, huh?

Wild Deuce said...

Keep checking your visit log ... I suspect you will see the Secret Service soon. I might even think a couple guys in dark suits at the door or even a couple flash bangs.

John B said...

The MIB that even gives Breda a dirty look, will answer to me.

John Q Taxpayer!

tsimer said...

I had a couple of dreams with Obama in them, just weeks before the election. Both times, I was selected to cover his visits to my town for the paper.

I've also had Al Gore show up. Weird.

Don Gwinn said...

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich used to dream about Obama, too, and he'd tell the media long, rambling stories about his Obama dreams. They faced hostile crowds together, changed flat tires for Chicago citizens together, and shared a chocolate ice cream cone.

Actually, only two of those three elements were part of the dream as described by Governor Rod, but I bet you have to Google to be sure which one is false.