Thursday, July 23, 2009

the best laid plans...

...are frequently canceled due to bad weather. (&, honestly, I've paid my dues when it comes to waving placards in inclement weather)

I'm not going to the protest today for a couple of reasons, 80% chance of thunderstorms being one of them. Mike couldn't get out of work, so I'd be going to the protest alone. Now, I usually don't have a problem going places by myself but trekking out to heavily Democratic and um...diverse Cuyahoga County to participate in a protest against an African-American Democratic president all by my lonesome? Armed or not, I don't think so. I mean, the city the president is visiting is actually quite nice and I'm sure nothing would happen but still, one of the first rules of staying safe is not putting yourself in situations that have the potential to go pear-shaped.

But fear not - I've picked winners for the "Design the Sign" contest anyway. Two of them! Drumroll please!


(ObamaCare is Insured Misery)


(ObamaCare: Because 30% taxation isn't enough!)

Congratulations, you're the grand prize winners in the first ever Breda Fallacy blog contest! I would have proudly painted those slogans on posterboard, if I was actually going to the protest. Please contact me at to claim your fabulous prizes!


HankH said...

Smart move young lady (not attending by yourself). What is a 'pear shaped' situation? (never heard that before)


Anonymous said...

One less worry for the Mom.

Phil said...

The rain wasn't pleasant - we were all soaked pretty thoroughly. On the bright side, we had police escort for our walk from Lee/Van Aken to the high school.

Anonymous said...

Hank - Pear shaped: I don't know where it came from, but if carrying goes from sensible precaution to "I'm glad I have it here and now," that is a situation going ~.


Don said...

Breda, why do you hate diversity? Is it because of the racism? I bet it's racism.

I had never heard of "things going pear-shaped" before I started to read Lawdog, so I have no idea where it came from. Might be a Texas thing, might be British, might be African or Middle Eastern. I wondered if it referred to a big life-changing problem--like when you're a teenager and your girlfriend starts to go pear-shaped. That's probably wrong and definitely sexist, but in a lovable, roguish way.
Not like Breda's racism.

Breda said...

yep, you got me. It's the racism - has nothing to do AT ALL with reality.

WilliamtheCoroner said...

He was right by my house, you know.

Unix-Jedi said...

Don: Are you serious?

why do you hate diversity? Is it because of the racism? I bet it's racism.

Well, sure, _technically_ it's "racism". As is "Diversity". That's why it's humorous when Breda makes that description.

I don't hate true diversity, but I hate the Liberal-Politically-Correct "Diversity" where everything's fine - except for Anglo-Christian traditions or US Patriotism. And it's no more racist than the "Diversity" that Breda's making fun of.

Of course, if you were just being sarcastic and I missed it, sorry.