Friday, July 31, 2009


Mike and I were talking about Gun Nuts and blogging last night over a lovely dinner of grilled pork chops with Chinese sparerib sauce (sent to me by my friend and long-time reader, Wai) and homemade lo mein. I was saying how excited I was about next week's show with Monster Hunter International author, Larry Correia.

Me: "...but I need to find out exactly how to say his last name. I'll send him a message on facebook or something and ask. I also need to add him to my blogroll."

Mike: "I've noticed you're on a lot of people's blogrolls."

Me: "Yeah?"

Mike: "Yeah. People seem to like you. You're perky."

I eyed him skeptically while I shoveled a forkful of noodles into my face. A few were still hanging out of my mouth. "Hm...M'mm nah mehky."

Mike: "Umm...well...perky-ish."


Steve said...

Breda -

According to Larry somewhere on his blog, it's pronounced the same as that country hanging off the side of China - Korea.

Justin Buist said...

Yep, from the man himself:

"Here in America, it is pronounced Korea, like the country. That is the phonetic English spelling of the word. In Portugal it sounds like Co-hu-wey-aaa said real fast, with a little bit of the groovy double R rolling action that 90% of Americans can’t do. And guess what, since I am an American, they shouldn’t have to."

Jay G said...

Larry Correia on Gun Nuts.

Two of my favorite things at once. How convenient!

Anonymous said...

You're not only're cute as a button too. Always a major criteria for getting onto blogrolls.

The most dangerous cute as a button, perky-ish librarian in the World.

doubletrouble said...

A good recognition password for the armies of the Bredalucion:

"M'mm nah mehky"

Mike W. said...

Cuteness, good writing, a pretty smile and a heaping dose of snark all wrapped up in pocket-size, modular package. What's not to like?

Joseph said...

Smart, perky, cute (I don't think you can look bad in a picture), good writer....told you awhile back you were gonna be a famous gunblogger!! But you exceeded that became a famous gunblogger with bacon!!

Wai said...

Yay!! I'm famous by association!! W00t!!!

TheOtherLarry said...

Sorry, Breda - it's the dimples.


Anonymous said...

But you exceeded that became a famous gunblogger with bacon!!

I forgot to mention the bacon.

That's a good attribute for getting onto blogrolls too.

Newbius said...

Gotta go with the other Larry on this one...It's the dimples.