Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gun Nuts!

I am so excited about tonight's Gun Nuts Radio!

Caleb will be showing us his shiny new toy from Daniel Defense, the DDXV rifle. Not yet available to the public, Gun Nuts Radio will be its debut - but you MUST tune in live tonight to get your first glimpse at this new "EBR"!

And then....we are going to be joined by Larry Correia, author of Monster Hunter International, which is quickly becoming a much loved cult classic in the gun blogosphere and hopefully beyond. We'll be able to talk to Larry about shooting, writing, monsters and what he's got in store for his next book.

Be sure to get your questions ready and CALL IN. Caleb has extended his offer to donate $5 to the NRA-ILA for each new caller that joins us live on the air.

See you tonight!


TheAxe said...

Can't wait!

atlharp said...

What? I thought Daniel Defense was going out business! Damn you interwebz!


Old NFO said...

Dang, missed another one... Gonna go download it now.

Anonymous said...

Breda, I'm with Caleb. I got ten bucks if you stake the Edward Cullen cutout. I got $20 if you wait till a bunch of pre pubescent teeny boppers are all hovering around it, scream "Foul demon of the underwold, tool of Satan, I banish thee to hell!", charge, stake it, and get it all on video.

TheAxe said...

I hope you guys get Larry on again sometime, he's a fun guest.