Monday, August 17, 2009

Okay, fine.

Call me intolerant.

But... "head scarves with ear slits" as a way to keep cool in Tehran?

Gosh, couldn't possibly take the damn hijab off, because the sight of a woman's bare head would cause every man within a 1-mile radius to lose control and become slavering wild-eyed rape-crazy maniacs, right? (Not to mention the morality police would either arrest you or beat you in the street.)

So I have come up with an even better solution - every woman should shave her head. Cool in the heat and it does away with the awesome mind-control powers of hair that is immodestly growing out of the head of someone who just happened to be born with two X chromosomes.

But if that doesn't work for you, try leaving Iran. Oh wait, that's impossible because a woman needs to get permission from a husband or father to obtain a passport before they travel.

Now, I know that lots of women choose to modify their appearances for the sake of their religious beliefs - many men do it too. But please note that the operative word there is "choose," something Iranian women are not allowed to do for themselves. There are thousands, perhaps millions, of women yearning for a day when their hair can be "swept by the wind" and yet we're supposed to look away when women are forced into burquinis and hijoods because Time magazine pretends it's acceptable. Like a lie of omission, the article blandly ignores the abhorrence of state-mandated dress and morality police. "It's their faith. Don't judge. It's their culture."


It's wrong.


Alan said...

You are intolerant.

But then, so am I.

It's time to be a little more intolerant. Some cultures are just wrong and we need to be able to say so.

Jeffrey Quick said...

It's their faith. It's their culture. And their faith and culture are evil, because they give the only life women have over to another, to live as he sees fit.

I've had it with the multi-culti cult. Wrong is wrong.

Gregg said...

Can we send all of the feminists who like to bash white men as being evil to Iran? We could send them the location of a huge cache of weapons and ammo after they have experienced a few weeks of a culture not created by the evil white male and his female partner.

Ok, the thing is, while I agree with you that the culture is less than good it can not be changed by external forces. The best you can do is eradicate it, and that is called genocide. When the people of that culture wish to change it they will, and yes there will likely be bloodshed. However, no one has become truly free by having freedom forced upon them.
OTOH, what is good in the dominant culture in Iraq is unacceptable in the dominant culture in the U.S.

Robert Langham said...

Islam, a homophobic, religion intolerant, sexist cult should be consigned to the ash heap of history, like the KKK or cannibalism.

Heath said...

Well said.

I think you AND Robert are just cruising for a fatwa... :)

Buckshot said...

Yes, the women SHOULD modify their appearance.

Either a major caliber handgun or a SMG would easily modify their appearance.

The only thing would be getting them the attitude to USE it.


Anonymous said...

Interesting how your comment box says, "Be polite, please."

A book you should all read: The Many Faces of Political Islam. It's a nice introductory tutorial on Political Islam, how it came about and how it works differently in many different countries and situations.

"Islam, a homophobic, religion intolerant, sexist cult should be consigned to the ash heap of history,..." - Wow! How ethnocentric is that?

Do you really think that Islam is that monolithic? That's like saying, "Christianity, a homophobic, religion intolerant, sexist cult should be consigned to the ash heap of history." Or you can substitute any broad system of belief as the subject intolerance and bigotry.

Only 25% of the worlds Muslims are Arabs, yet our world view of Islam is created by an even smaller minority. How does that work?

Iran is priming for another revolution. The recent election demonstrations clearly showed that Iranians are growing restless with their current political climate. Perhaps it's only a matter of time.

Another book to read: Secularism and State Policies Toward Religion. This might give us an idea of where Iran is headed.

Regardless of what you think, Islam is not monolithic and shouldn't be treated as such. A world wide religion and its followers should not be marginalized by the actions of a few. Just as we gun owners and gun rights advocates don't want to be marginalized.

Anonymous said...

For more of this barbarity, see Pamela Geller's latest on Rifqa Bary:

ASM826 said...

As long as we tolerate Islam, this will continue.

Did you catch the news from Afghanistan?

A new law allows a man to withdraw basic support, including food, if his wife does not meet his sexual demands.

She has to have permission to leave the house, must submit sexually every 4 days, cannot work without the husband's consent, etc., etc., etc.

Mose Jefferson said...

On the plus side, those robes make concealed carry remarkably easy. Ruger LCR? How about a freakin' Mini-30!