Friday, August 14, 2009


Just because they don't call it a "death panel" doesn't mean it isn't one.

Sarah is still fighting...and it looks like she's winning.

(She's even better unleashed, don't you think?)


Crucis said...

I just added a link to her facebook Notes page to my blog. Isn't it strange how, now that she's left office, her name is still appearing in national news outlets?


Caleb said...

Eh. Yours truly isn't really much of a Sarah Palin fan after she abandoned her obligation to the State of Alaska. That really, really sits poorly with me.

Lorimor said...

Under the admin of .gov there won't be patients to be cured, only numbers to be cut.

Breda said...

She did the right thing for the people of Alaska - they were paying millions of tax dollars defending her from multiple false ethics charges.

Alan said...

I think she's doing better now that she can speak her mind without worrying about an election.

Caleb said...

Breda, I think this is one area where we shall have to agree to disagree. The way I see it, which is colored by my background, is that she took an oath to serve the citizens of Alaska. When she quit, she failed to execute that oath and walked away from what should have been a solemn committment to duty.

It's no different in my eyes than someone joining the military, serving for 2 years and then suddenly trying to find ways to quit before their service period is up.

People can rationalize it all they want, but in the end walking away from the Governor's office like that was quitting. I just don't cotton to quitters, and when she said "my personal bullshit is more important than my oath" she lost a lot of respect in my eyes.

But hey, it is still sort of a free country. Plus, the fact that I can disagree with you without yelling obscenties and going to pointless insults makes this a way better argument than you'd be having with some lefty shithead.

Peter said...

Caleb, with the greatest possible respect, I have to disagree with you.

I was in Alaska when Gov. Palin announced her resignation. The universal reaction from her supporters was that they understood her decision. She's enraged the political 'Old Guard' by exposing many of the shenanigans they got up to over the years, and 'cleaning house' in no uncertain terms. One of their methods of counter-attacking was to launch all sorts of allegations and charges of abuse of power, etc., all of which had to be investigated - at considerable expense, taking much time - before being thrown out. Needless to say, all of them were thrown out: but that didn't stop the drag on State manpower and the budgetary constraints the complaints imposed. She said, quite openly and honestly, that the State didn't deserve that, and therefore she was stepping aside.

I suspect that she'll become more of a national figure now that she's free of the constraints of her office. She may run for Senator at some point, and if she does, I think she's a shoo-in for the job. Alaskans - most of them - seem to really like her, and they understand her. Give her a few years of politicking on a wider stage, gaining experience of Washington, and you may see a very interesting candidate emerging. Right now, I think she doesn't have the qualifications or experience to be a viable VP or POTUS candidate. In four to six years, given the current circumstances, that may well change.

Regardless, I continue to watch her closely. I think she's far from the 'down-and-out politician' that so many are trying to paint her as being.

Jennifer said...

Yep. I gotta go with Breda and Peter on this one. Her oath was to serve the people of Alaska. Stepping down was the best way she could serve them.

B Smith said...

"She's even better unleashed, don't you think?"
I don't think she ever WAS leashed...I think the process of trying to leash her failed miserably. Damn, I like that woman.

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

Likewise, I'm going to have to agree with Breda, Peter, and Jennifer here.

"she took an oath to serve the citizens of Alaska."

Given the number and expense (to the citizens of Alaska) of the false ethics charges, and the fact that they were almost continuous, combined with the fact that most (if not all) of her stated objectives had been completed, stepping down was more in the service of the citizens of Alaska than staying in office would have been. Fighting the constant barrage of complaints was interfering with her ability to govern.

It's also good because it put her vice-governor - someone who shares her beliefs and goals - in the best position possible for the next election.

It's not perfect, and I wish she could have completed her term without all the BS that was being thrown at her, but it seems to be the best of a bad situation - for her and for Alaska.

George said...

The best way to assess the impact that Sarah Palin is having ... is to look at the attacks she receives. (This was so obvious during the federal campaign.) No one brings that kind of heat onto themselves ... unless their enemies and opposition are really scared.

It seems they still are ... but I do believe that Sarah will become a figure of national renown.

Look ... if some weezer like Ted Kennedy can remain a national figure ... even after letting a young woman die on his personal watch, Sarah Palin will rock!