Thursday, September 10, 2009

almost there II...

Here's yet another example of someone just a hairsbreadth away from enlightenment. (yes, it's from July & you've probably already read it...sorry for that.) The article is the basic "rifles are okay for hunting but handguns are evil!" stuff but the comments were what I found the most interesting - feminists and vegetarians and pacifists, oh my! There's even a pro-gun control gun owner thrown in for good measure.

And for the record, I hate that feminists and other women have embraced the word "bitch."(the above article is from Bitch Magazine) I've seen things like sparkly pink "#1 Bitch" bumperstickers on cars and have actually heard women label themselves (verbally. out loud. in public.) as such. I've found that women who are proud of their bitch status usually are unapologetically rude and very frequently just as proud of being ignorant and just plain mean. And, if a woman needs a self-defense mechanism that big, boy oh boy, does she have issues. But whatever. At best, it's just tacky.


pdb said...

I think I'm going to start up a magazine called "Sexist Asshole Monthly". ("Monthly", get it?")

What do you think?

Top of the Chain said...

Amen Breda,

When a woman proudly wears the moniker BITCH, I wonder what she's running from to wear it like a badge of honor. Just like men who proclaim themselves "I'm an asshole and proud of it."

Crucis said...

Bitch?? Perhaps truth in advertising?

drjim said...

What a moonbat! She's totally isolated from the real world and how it works....

Ed Rasimus said...

It is going to take several hours to get the stink of that link off of my computer. What a b****!

That's bimbo in case you thought I was being crude.

Carry a gun because a cop is too heavy.

John B said...

the problem is she fails to realize.
That by her beliefs and opinions.
She is morally and ethically an accessory to every robbery, rape, murder etc. that the victim could have prevented by having a gun and the willingness to use it.

smith kaich jones said...

" In Kathmandu, Nepal, sixty-one cyclists made the Nepal TV news as they rode through the streets of the capital city delivering a memo to each political party that urged them to take steps to prevent domestic violence committed with guns. A group called Blue Veins in Pakistan also received substantial media attention from over twelve outlets by pasting posters (shown above) around the North West Frontier Province."

Yeah. That'll work. Those posters are lifesavers.

We just rec'd word of a new "neighbor" - moving in or hanging out across the street. just out of prison for hurting women. I texted Miss Katie to let her know & her reply? He'll get shot if he messes with us. Damn straight. I refuse to live in fear and dependence.
And I am not a bitch (in fact, I'm suspicious of anyone who feels the need to announce such a fact), just a woman who can take care of herself. Although I admit I really love it when the guy changes the flat tire.

:) Debi

Weer'd Beard said...

What I'm appalled at is that "Feminists" (I use quote because of the contradiction of this action) avoid guns because of debunked studies or urban legends (like the mythical "He'll just take your gun away and shoot you, honey!")...many of THEM anti-woman at heart.

And delegate the Police as the keepers of the gun.

So if a "Modern Feminist" gets in trouble from an evil brutish man, all she needs to do is call the police and a strange man will ride in on a white horse with a gun on his hip to save the Damsel in distress!

Wow! What century is it?

A real feminist shoots the rapist, then calls 911 for a man to come and clean up the mess left behind because she has a life and can't be bothered hauling a career criminal to the morgue herself!

Mike W. said...

Agreed Weer'd, it's so strange to see so-called "Feminists" calling for women to abrogate personal responsibility for their own defense & instead hope that a man with a gun will rush to their aid in time.

That doesn't sound like a position that empowers women.

Holly said...

It'd be redundant for me to repeat everything that was said here, so I'll just add, "hear, hear!"

Even the tone of the author's responses to those who disagreed with her (in the comments) were edgy and, um, bitchy.

I would venture to guess that she is the kind of person with whom people avoid confrontation *because* she is a bitch, and therefore has developed a belief that *all* confrontations--including the world's myriad of problems--can be solved with a tongue-lashing.

Wrong on so many levels.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of women who embrace the word 'bitch' in the dog world. Maybe that's because many of us have bitches that we're proud of.

I refuse to let the fact that some people use the word as an insulting epithet as a reason to avoid using it.

Does that make me a bitch?

B Smith said...

I'd like to address two comments:

1."I've shot a gun and it didn't feel empowering at all---I was TEWWIFIED about how easy it would be to take someone's LIFE !!"
This is the same type of person who climbs behind the wheel of a car several times a day without a second thought. I have to wonder if s/he's the person who sees minimal or no danger in driving while sending text messages...

2."Your having a gun potentially threatens my life, and that makes it my business."
Unless you're being overly BITCHY (i.e., threatening my life or well-being), my gun is no threat to you at all, and may just be beneficial. But if you just can't get over feeling threatened, then honey you have a problem, because I won't give up my gun just to make you FEEL better.