Tuesday, September 15, 2009

don't talk, just shoot

A pregnant woman with a shotgun holds a home invader at bay even after he pulls a gun on her, and the yet-to-be-born little gunchick seems to enjoy the ruckus.

(#1, I need a shotgun, #2 he wouldn't be so lucky in my house)

It's said that the secret to social harmony is for old men to be dangerous - what happens when the women (pregnant or otherwise) decide that they are no longer going to be victimized?


Alan said...

Yes, you do need a shotgun.

Anonymous said...

Some shotgun savvy folks say that the Remington 1100 in 20 gauge is a real sleeper as a home defense gun.
It's semiauto, relatively light weight, and the recoil isn't bad.
There's more types of ammo available for the 12 gauge but there's enough made for the 20 to do the job.

Pump shotguns are everywhere and cheaper to buy, but the 20 gauge 1100s I've seen look lively and slick.
Might be something to consider.

Weer'd Beard said...

Mossberg 590. Affordable price, lots of tacticool features, and an effin bayonet lug!

Also for multi-tasking I also use it for my Sporting Clays gun. There is a short learning curve shooting clays with a pump-gun, but nothing you couldn't handle.

kaveman said...

Pump action shotgun is a necessity.

1. The sound of racking it will send any sane perp running while leaving small piles of feces on your carpet. Some cleaning required.

2. If the perp doesn't run, you won't have to bother with acquiring a sight picture under stress. "That general area" will be more than sufficient.

3. Shotguns are cheap.

4. Shotgun shells are cheap.

5. Shotgun rounds are the most versitle rounds known to gunnies. Bird shot, buck shot, slugs, rock salt, dimes, pepper balls, flechetes...armor piercing and a few others I haven't acquired yet.

6. I have outlined "zones of fire" in my home in case shooting commences. This is done to safegaurd close neighbors. Shotguns will not over penetrate and threaten neighbors.

7. They are simple to use.

Get one or four.

If you rack a .380 on the night stand, chances are the scum won't even here it and advance. But I promise you, racking a 12 gauge pump will increase the prospect that you won't ever have to actually aim and fire it.

drjim said...

There was a young girl with a Remington 1100 in one of the shotgun classes I took a a couple of years ago.
She did an excellent job, and embarrassed some of the guys with her "20 ga girly gun"!

Anonymous said...

Use whatever you're comfortable with, and think about how you're going to do your best regarding the four rules if you ever need to defend your home. I'm happy for the woman, and in the future perhaps we'll see more press like this and less of the "whole family murdered" thug-enabling so common today.


Anonymous said...

Remington 870 in 20Ga. With Blackhawk Knoxx recoil absorbing adjustable stock.
75% of the lead with less than 50% of the recoil vs a 12Ga and can be adjusted for mike or breda iin a split second.
For the best combo of not overpenetrating and still delivering enough oomph... #4 Buckshot

Mad Saint Jack said...

Don't forget there is a shotgun maker out there with your name on it.

Weer'd Beard said...

I'm a #00 Buckshot man m'self, but as Mass Ayoob says:

"The difference in the projectiles is just how finely the meat is ground"

I just happen to be a big caliber/ projectile weight sort of guy...tho in #000 you do really start getting into small numbers of pellets...that goes double for 20 Ga.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest a Remington 870 order #81180. This little 20 gauge wonder has an adjustable Knoxx special ops stock, and holds 7 rounds. I got this so the wife would be able to shoot it, and it has become my goto weapon of choice for in home protection.

Ed Rasimus said...

During this year's gun-buying spree, one of my additions was an 870 Express (that's the short-barrel version with mag extension) added ghost ring sights and a slick Surefire replacement fore-end that has the light and switches built in. A very effective home defense mechanism.

Tactical ammo comes in "low recoil" defensive loadings and you definitely don't need 3" high wall stuff. I go with three rounds of #00 buck followed by three rounds of rifled slug. Both loads print in a 10" bull at 40 yards.

It is a necessity!

mikeb302000 said...

Great story about the pregnant girl who protected her home and family. Good for her.

Clint said...

To quote Old_Painless:
"You can very easily miss with a shotgun. You must aim to hit your target."

His website demonstrates firearm effects and busts a few myths.


The Box O' Truth #3 - The Shotgun Meets the Box O' Truth - Page 1

The Box O' Truth #22 - 20 Gauge Shotgun

and more.

James said...

Try http://proarms.podbean.com and go to episodes 17A and 17B. This is the podcast of Massad Ayoob and friends and they spend 2 hours discussing home defense shotguns and loads. Their other podcasts are well worth listening to also.

rickn8or said...

"When you gotta shoot, SHOOT, don't talk!"
--Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez

Mark said...

If you need one on the cheap, check local pawnshops. You should be able to find a 12ga. pump for <$200. Xavier has a very good blogpost on 'right-sizing' the barrel.
Maybe an old, cosmetically challenged, wood-stocked pump isn't 'tactical', but it'll do the job.