Tuesday, September 1, 2009

roundtable round-up

Last night's Gun Nuts Radio was a lot of fun - having other bloggers on the show is always one of my favorite things. It's an opportunity for all of us to learn more about the person behind the posts and to finally put, if not a face, at least a voice to the name.

It was a lively, very friendly discussion since many of us have met in real life. What struck me most was how, despite all of our different writing styles and motivations, we all arrive at the same conclusion - that individual liberty is essential and worth protecting and that guns are not only very frequently the right tool for that job but a heck of a lot of fun to boot.

One of the questions asked of our panel of guests was "What is the most memorable/talked about/popular post on your blog?" and I thought I'd provide the links here for everyone's convenience.

The Atomic Nerds, Labrat & Stingray

HS Precision: It Wasn't a Fluke

To The Shores of…. the Somali?

Monsster Hunter Local (VOTE FOR EXITE! CHEMICUS SUM!)

Government Inaction

Parasite memes and monkeyspheres


You asked for it

Kevin Baker, The Smallest Minority

The George Orwell Daycare Center

Speaking of Teddy Kennedy

Robb Allen, Sharp as a Marble

Joe Huffman, The View from North Central Idaho

The Jews in the Attic Test

Did We Just Win?

Just One Question

So there you have it folks, some of the best stuff on the internet, from some of the best bloggers around.

And if you missed last night's show, you can download it on iTunes or by visiting www.blogtalkradio.com/gunnuts

Tune in next week, 9PM EST, for more!


Lydia said...

I think I just fell in love with Joe Huffman...maybe just a little bit.

Old NFO said...

Gonna go download it now... sigh... this being 12 hours our of sync sucks!

WV-emoozer Is the the electronic version of schmoozer?

Caleb said...

It was a good show, and I think we got the audio all sync'd now and the dead air removed on post. I left everything else in, including the parts where I made an ass of myself.

MCSA said...

As a plug for Robb Allen - he did Breda's banner ("Viva la Bredalucion!") and he helped get my banner and site layout at the McHenry Co. Sportsmen's Assoc. sorted out...

If you're thinking of getting a nice banner or a site idea made up, he's the go-to guy!

Joe Huffman said...

Lydia, I presume that would because of the Jews in the Attic Test web page.

Yeah. I could see that having some appeal to you after reading your post here.

You'll still have to contact my social director (and wife) if you want to take that thought that much further.


fast richard said...

Thank you for the links, especially those to the Atomic Nerds posts. I had only looked at their blog a few times and was less familiar with them than with some of the others. There is far too much content in the blogosphere to read it all, so it is nice to find links to some of the better bits.

Anonymous said...


Finally got around to listening to show_614452.mp3, and I was very annoyed that nobody gets it about gun rights.

The context of the discussion was: should people open carry at or near political events?

At one point, somebody (I think it was Caleb) said that one person could screw it up for the rest of us, and set the gun-rights movement back a few years by doing so. I was practically shouting at the monitor at that time, but now that my pulse rate has returned to normal, I would like to calmly point out that my rights to firearms ownership or carry are not dependent on anyone else's behavior, any more than my right to free speech depends on you or anyone else not abusing that right; for instance if you were to commit slander (or libel - I could never keep them straight) that does not impact my right to speak (or write) in any way.

Now as a practical matter, I know that the liberal media would seize upon any such occurrence to demand more gun control laws, and that is a thing that we all would prefer to avoid. From a legal standpoint, the fact that thugs use guns to commit crimes should have no impact on my right to keep and bear arms.

New topic: Caleb should get a quieter keyboard if he is going to type during an interview - I found his clickety-clicking to be a bit distracting, and I think your guest - the shooter from Texas who just enlisted - was distracted too.

New topic: I first wanted to shoot practical pistol style when I saw Dirty Harry do it in Magnum Force - the scene on the police training range. I have always wanted to shoot a course of fire like that, but I don't know if a range like that exists outside of the movies.

Final Thought: Check out this definition of "loophole". You might find it surprising.