Saturday, October 31, 2009


This would be just the funniest thing to serve for Halloween supper, especially in our house.

(found in the Halloween food pool on flickr.)
Maybe next year.

I hope everyone is having a safely spooky holiday - we're busy getting ready to go to the annual Bug, Bones and Dead Animals Halloween bash at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Mike is dressing as a ninja and I'll be his eternal nemesis, a pirate.

...and I'll be in good (bad?) company - seems there are real live pirates trolling the waters of Lake Erie! Shiver me timbers!


ajdshootist said...

As you are going as a Pirate will you be using a real peg leg?
I felt i just had to ask!

Breda said...

I wish I was!

Anonymous said...

Feetload? *Awesome*


Christina LMT said...

Happy Halloween, fellow Pirate!

Wade said...

My favorite Halloween costume (both of them)

Anonymous said...

Feet, dangit.


Anonymous said...

Augh! I mean loaf! I'm going to bed.


Robb Allen said...

How about some bone-sticks?

They were a HIT last night.