Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gun Nuts tonight!

There are two cowboy action shooters who work at the range where I shoot and they've frequently said that it's a shooting sport where the men talk more about their clothes than the women do.

The costumed shooting sports - cowboy action shooting and zoot shoots - seem like a lot of fun. I mean, come on...where else do you have the opportunity to run a Tommy gun while wearing a flapper dress or shoot a single action revolver in leather chaps?

Caleb and I will be talking about this and much more, so if you're a Cowboy Action shooter or a Zoot shooter, we want to hear from you! The call-in number is (347) 539-5436.

We're live, as always, at 9PM EST each Tuesday night on :


p.s. I'm hosting the show on webcam tonight. Anyone have a cowboy hat for me to borrow?


kaveman said...

Dead on correct about the cowboy shooters and their clothes.

The cowboy action guys out here on the west coast take their fashion accessories VERY seriously.

Nancy R. said...

O.M.G. A zoot shoot? I think you may have just introduced me to a new obsession. I've done a couple of revolutionary war shooting competitions (3 lb. cannon and musket), and I have some 1930's patterns, and I sew, and I need an excuse for a 1911, and ...

The justifications are endless.

Adam said...

I have 2 cowboy hats you could wear! Back in the day before I really got into shooting myself I knew a guy who did the cowboy shooting and he told me all about how you have to dress and have an alter-ego. Sounds like lots of fun.

TheAxe said...

Fun show, One of the girls I've gotten into shooting also love coming swing dancing, i'll try to get her to listen next week.

Ken said...

Don't forget the North-South Skirmish Association, either. I went to one of their matches down in Centerville and had a great time. :-)