Monday, November 9, 2009

fun with non-gunnies, part 2

Scene II, late night in a tiny Colorado town,

Breda is standing on the walkway outside Snarky's room. The two women have just met and are having a cordial chat before retiring to their respective rooms. A few doors away, some people are having what appears to be a party.

A young man staggers out of the room, beer cup in hand. He stands under the light, swaying slightly. Breda notices him briefly and turns back to her conversation. A few moments later, the man asks, "Is that a gun in your pants?"

Breda, who has been open carrying since she arrived in Colorado, says, "Yes. This is a gun in my pants."

The young man stares at Breda blearily for a moment and then resumes his questioning. "What kind is it?"

"A Bersa Thunder .380."

"Whoooooa." The young man seems impressed, if slightly confused. "Is it loaded?"

"Yes," Breda replies. "It's loaded."

"Can I see it?" the young man asks hopefully.

Breda stares at the young man, her brow furrowing in disbelief. "No. No, you may not."

Time to go back to the room and lock the door before things get any weirder.


Midwest Chick said...

I had something similar with the colleague of my ex-husband.

Him: So you own a gun?
Me: Yes.
Him: Can I see it?
Me: No. It's not a toy.
Him: I don't believe that you have one.

I think at this point I was supposed to say "nuh-huh, I really DO have one" and pull it out like I was five years old, but I'm not sure.

People are strange.....

Jeffrey Quick said...

Good call. Gentlemen don't ask to see what women (and particularly married women) have in their pants.

Mike W. said...

Yeah, like you're going to show your gun to some random creepy drunk guy.

As Midwest Chick said, people are strange.

The only strange comment I've ever had while OC'ing was a young guy who asked "Is that a real gun?"

Lissa said...

I LOL'd, indeed I did!

Steve R said...

At least he asked. He could have been overly stupid and tried to come see for himself, and then he'd have got to see the front of it REAL well.

Glad you are still safe and sound.

MedicMatthew said...

What? No DeathStar(tm)?

MedicMatthew said...

Stare! I meant DeathStare!

Cliff47 said...

Some guys will try anything as a pick-up line...the more they drink, the better-looking they think they are(wittier, too).

George said...

Out here in the Wildz o' Arizona, pre-CCW (1995), we used OC often.
but, as more feriners (i.e. out-of-state) folks moved here, the odds increased that instead of a welcome look, and friendly 'watcha got?', you'd get yelled at, down the entire length of the grocery isle "OMG! HE'S GOTTA GUN!!" CCW effectively destroyed OC, at least in the city. In the smaller towns, no one cares, either way. At least not yet. Sigh.

Ride Fast said...

Hopefully the drunk will at least vaguely remember the encounter.

Good for you for not say "Yes you can see it, bullets first?"

Boat Guy said...

OC'ing means having to be prepared for encounters such as this. It CAN be a great "teachable moment" - especially if your interlocutor isn't intoxicated. Many of the ninjas will decry "giving away your tactical advantage" but when the legal choice is "OC or No C" I'm all for OC. I've had some fun with it. 'Course the lad might not have been "from around here" as OC is fairly common on Colorado.

Mike W. said...

I take it you stayed away from Denver? They banned OC IIRC.

Anonymous said...

Damn - Ride Fast beat me to it! <sigh>

Matt said...

Good choice of firearms, too. Gotta love the Bersa, accurate and reliable.

Anonymous said...

Idiot young man. Asking to see a woman's OC gun. However protocal on OC for others has not yet developed. As OC becomes more common proper protocal will be you may ask about the gun but not to see or handle it. Eventually people will deliberately ignore the OC of a gun like people refuse to look at another in an elevator.

Anonymous said...

He was probably hoping that it wasn't a gun, and that you were just happy to see him.