Thursday, December 10, 2009

app for that

My iPhone is pretty much the best thing ever - it has an alarm clock, a calendar, the internet, iPod, ebooks (the complete works of Shakespeare! In my pocket!) , games, a bunch of useful (okay, and some useless apps) , etc, etc and etc. I could go on (and on) but I'd bore you all to death. But before I even get out of bed I have my iPhone in my hand. So the other morning after I turned off the alarm, I waited for the WiFi to kick in and looked at the weather. I briefly contemplated checking my email and noticed that my United States Constitution app (an essential download for every geeky tea party extremist) needed updating.

I don't know if it's an unfortunate sign of the times, or if I was still half asleep, or what but I swear my very first thought was, "Oh no...what did Obama do now?"

(iPhone users, what's your favorite app?)


Alan said...

Other than the phone (it's and app, right?)

Top Apps on my iPhone:

The Weather Channel
Pocket God

Caleb said...

Native software like the iPod and Safari doesn't count as an app, does it? My favorite apps are Yahoo Fantasy Football, FaceBook, and Scrabble.

Anonymous said...

I'd probably have one if it wasn't made in "you know where"

Weer'd Beard said...

Mrs. Weer'd has the Iphone, but on my HTC Tilt I'm using the internet, and playing a LOT of nethack.

Jeffrey Quick said...

The COTUS app needed updating? "New and improved interface" or "new and improved data"? Why does this remind me of the Norton Anthology of Western Music being updated every 3 years, as if the canon had changed during that time?

There's a dandy $3 tuner app which is almost but not quite enough to make me into an iphone user.

Anonymous said...

I gather you can play Worms on it. This is everything I need to know.

Skullz said...

Favorite apps?
Kindle for iPhone
Bullet Flight
Legal Heat - Gun laws of the 50 States
Red Laser

BUFF_dragon said...

Around Me (searchs for businesses around you, gives you map locations and phone numbers)
iPod (so I can listen to all my podcasts while at work and on the tractor on the farm)
CyCorder (I had to jailbreak my phone to get it, but WOW being able to video my kid is AWESOME)

TJP said...

No, it's correct. The "general welfare" part of the preamble was moved into the section enumerating the powers of Congress.

General welfare doesn't actually have anything to do with unlimited interference in medical and insurance industries, but what do I know? I'm not a desperate statist.

Brandon said...

The Gun Rights app with push notifications!

Words With Friends

Eseell said...

The Kindle app. I can get a few minutes of reading in here and there on my iPod, and then when I get back to my Kindle I just sync the devices and keep reading.

It's not an app, but the iTunesU service is really cool. There are all sorts of interesting classes to listen to.

Patrick said...

Kindle for Iphone
Barnes and Noble E-reader

My 2 favorite apps for those long cold nights on patrol. Find a nice dark corner somewhere, park the car and read a few pages. Then back out on the road.

Steve said...

iPod Touch favorites ...

AppStore (for trying new games :)

SCI-FI said...

AOL Radio. I use it at least 9 hrs a day.

Old NFO said...

Ballistics FTE :-)

ExurbanKevin said...

Twitter, Best Camera, Photoshop Mobile, Solitaire for boring meetings, and Facebook.

And Taurus's new shot timer is pretty good. I like it better than SureFire's.

angus lincoln said...

Pandora Radio ! Hard to beat for customized music listening. Connects to my Home stereo too for great mixes of never before heard artists and songs. Current favorite station: The Dereck Trucks Band!

Borepatch said...

Have you seen the app to scoop the cat box?

Anonymous said...

"Oh no...what did Obama do now?"

Hah! I hadn't thought of that. Now I'm thinking I should proof it and compare it to a hard copy.

I'm partial to AnnoyATeen. Facinating how I can make the nieces and nephews run away with they're fingers in their ears when I'm trying to have conversation with their mother/my sister. The deterioration of hearing due to age has it's up sides. :-) :-)

Lydia said...

as a person who has a hard time fallings asleep at night, I love Ambiance (this has nothing to do with the store)

Eric Shelton said...

Pocket God and Surefire's Shot Timer app. Love 'em!

J-Ro said...

I use the Lightsaber App in really boring meetings. I turn it on, and threaten my ops guys that either they cut to the chase or I am gonna use the Force to freaking clear the room...

And I am not even a Star Wars geek - I just like the noise... it is customizable (sp?) for color and shape, and you can even play the Star Wars music behind your light saber as you threaten your colleagues...

Did I mention it's free?

goat wiz said...

Pocket Constitution...

I was shocked on the update as well and it actually started my on my first political rant at my new job. I was saying "what could they have had to update."

I love to use it to prove points to uneducated Liberals or Socialists. I actually used it to make a Marxist say that he should leave the US because he doesn't like how hurtful our unmitigated freedoms can be. He was also a huge fan of increasing the "effectiveness" of affirmative action.

Love the power of freedom in my pocket as well as on my hip.