Monday, December 28, 2009

Prez O to the rescue!

A friend's child gets a boo-boo and it's all interrupted golf games, racing motorcades, flashing lights and presidential bandaids. A major emergency!

But possible revolution in Iran, Al-Qaeda setting off bombs on airplanes, and double-digit unemployment here at home? Eh...not so much. Tee up, boys.

(Although...seems he kinda might need the practice. Heh.)


Anonymous said...

but but but but... if the media is talking about the real issues, they can't talk about Obama 24/7!

I'd use an analogy to relate how this describes the media's opinion of all the people in awful places doing a lousy job for great reasons, but none of them are fit for print.


Mikael said...

I'm thinking a revolution in Iran would be a good thing. It would mean they'd get rid of the islamic fundy rulership, and probably install something secular(hopefully democratic), and since it would be the people doing it themselves, it would be accepted by them, rather than the "we'll bring democracy to you with our bombs" which doesn't really work.

Mind you I don't think it's going to happen, the power disparity is too large(since the security forces are loyal to the regime and the people who want the revolution are mostly city slickers, not the hillbillies that might actually have guns).

Mudruck said...

I sure am glad that all that travel with the SS is free and such and that our fearless leader feels it fit to be out on the course at this time.

We're almost to the downhill side of things, and by that I mean the current admin's time in office. ;)

Hypnagogue said...


What makes you think a revolution in Iran could succeed? Without external support, thousands will die, and those that survive will have learned a expensive lesson -- never resist.

I don't think that's a good thing.

Mike W. said...

Yeah, unarmed people who try to revolt end up being slaughtered.

Mikael said...

Re: Hypnagogue, Mike W.

Read the second paragraph too. :p

Old NFO said...

Sad...sad...sad... nothing else to say!

Scott said...

So, a President is playing golf, and a child is hurt on the beach, and he sees to it.
And you are whining?
Like you would not have jumped on his ass if he hadn't done anything?
I have a daughter. Do you?
It would be a "major emergency" if it was my daughter!
What an asshole.

Lester said...

from the article
"The injury to a child belonging to Eric and Cheryl Whitaker, friends of the Obamas, was described as relatively minor and that the child did not require stitches."

A minor injury and they call an ambulance? WTF!
We survived broken bones,deep cuts that did need stitches,appendicitis, etc and even though we lived 7 miles from the nearest hospital, never once did we call for an ambulance!
Those things are for EMERGENCIES not for a minor injury to a child.
And they wonder why insurance rates keep going up.