Monday, December 7, 2009


- Gun Nuts Media has partnered with to produce a 2010 calendar that features 365 days, a rifle, a pistol, and two scantily clad women - neither of which are me. The calendars are a mere 10 smackeroos, so visit Caleb for details.

- I finally bought my domain name. All of my geek friends over on the IRC seem pretty excited about this but I don't understand why - nothing about blogging has changed for me except that I just paid $10 for something I've been getting for free anyway. So now I can also be found at - adjust your bookmarks if you'd like (or not, since both links work fine).

- Disclaimer: I've accepted a paid advertisement from They paid me money, I posted their image and a link. Take that, FTC.


Jay G said...

Way cool! Nice new digs. Blogroll adjustment forthcoming.

When the World's Most Dangerous Librarian tells you to adjust your blogroll, you do it.

We've seen you with that M24...

Jennifer said...

Sweet! The new home isn't blocked from work

Mike W. said...

and two scantily clad women - neither of which are me

Damn, you mean they couldn't fit you with a sweet prosthetic mocked up to look like a cannon specially for the shoot?

I wonder if the calendars will be good quality? Last time I bought cheap calendars that were custom ordered they looked like crap.

Stingray said...

Hmm. As best I can tell from the god-awful .jpg compression on the sample image, that appears to a) be a lol-deagle one of them is holding, and b) be a pair of boogerhooks on bangswitches. Y'know, I think I'll give it a miss.

Though from the abuse of capslock on their main page, at least we can see why Caleb chose them.

Word ver: reewax. Nah, too easy.

Old NFO said...

Congrats :-)

Kristopher said...

I'd rather buy a calender featuring the female bloggers in Indy and colorado gunblog groups ... preferably shot by Oleg.

Shooting required. Nudity optional but not required.

Anonymous said...

Kristopher has beaten me to the draw, but a calendar with Oleg's photography is something I would buy.


Caleb said...

Shit, a calendar with Oleg's photography is something I'd be able to sell 1.54 jillion units overnight.

....I should send him an email.

Anonymous said...

Caleb - Please do.


Mike W. said...

No kidding Caleb. I don't know anyone who doesn't love Oleg's work.

Roger said...

Hey All,

The calendars are all very professional. I know because I own Sniper Babes. I use lo res images online for 2 reasons. One, they load fast for those poor souls still on dial up. Two, believe it or not there are those out there who would download and print these images illegally. Yes it's a copyright violation so if someone does it they get a junk image when they blow it up.

There are NO FINGERS on the triggers on the Gun Guts Calendar. Help support Gun Nuts and Sniper Babes by picking up your calendar today.

tullius said...

Hey Roger, how about getting the rest of the fingers off the triggers on your website?

There are plenty other photos available that illustrate unsafe handling of weapons.

Posting the 4 Rules somewhere might be a good thing too.