Wednesday, January 6, 2010

direct marketing

The way things were...vintage gun ads, by decade.


Anonymous said...

The Model 12 makes me sad, because here in the Northeast they are common as dirt and worth only slightly more. $150 can get you a 1930s vintage twelve-gauge made of steel and walnut with very little hunting.

But the HD market's cornered by 590s and 870s, hunters want Italian autochuckers, and there's simply more 12s than there is demand for 'em.

PPPP said...

Ah, yes. The predecessor to the 1200.

I have an old one in 16 gauge that my grandfather gave me. 'Twas his rat gun down in Arizona. Darn thing kicks like a mule. Wouldn't trade it for anything.

Anonymous said...

Art, indeed. I'm often nostalgic for pre-war print ads, they were so direct and up-front.


Weer'd Beard said...

I dunno, they're nice to see, but besides the "Gun Culture" ads (Getting your kid into the shooting sports, and getting heirloom guns) those old adds don't mesh with my demographic.

Today's gun add not only speak to the hunters (of which I'm not) but to people looking to buy guns for personal protection.

And those ads are starting to be printed in non-gunnie circulars, as well as in TV and radio.

I think right now the future looks a LOT brighter than the past.

Hat Trick said...

This ad holds special interest for me. I learned to wingshoot with my great-grandfather's 20 ga. Mod. 12. A well used and cared for tool passed down through generations. I still have and treasure it.

The ad does not exaggerate. It is extremely quick to come to the shoulder and onto the target when a bird flushes.

Konrad said...

awesome images, thanks!