Tuesday, January 19, 2010

doing it right

There's a rapist on the loose in central Texas, preying on older women...but please note that no one in those small towns is carrying a rape whistle.


Mike W. said...

I can only hope that an application of lead drops this guy's recidivism rate to 0.

Bob S. said...

Notice how the article glosses over the fact that only 1 attack was stopped?


An 81-year-old woman scared off an intruder with a gun, firing several rounds for good measure.

Because it doesn't fit their agenda of how victims are supposed to act

Robert said...

I surely hope one of these ladies fills this bastard full of lead soon.

Old NFO said...

Bob beat me to it... One of those Grannys WILL punch his ticket shortly!

Kristopher said...

.357 rape whistle.

Six rounds in the chest, and his wounds make whistling noises when he tries to breath.

BobG said...

As I said at another blog,

"I’m hoping somebody shoots the sick bastard. In a perfect world, it would be a shotgun blast to the groin, and he would survive…"

Firehand said...

In distance: bang, bang, bang
Passerby: "What was that?"
Officer: "He tried the wrong door."