Wednesday, January 6, 2010

just not feeling it

Some bloggers are excited about recent news but I say,
"Meh...and Pol Pot died in his sleep."


Tam said...

Oh, let me have my moment. I'll be cynical again tomorrow. :D

Bugs said...

Imagine how much hope this gives me, one of Ben Nelson's constituents.

Heath said...

I was bummed by that. I'd really hope he would run again, and get bitch slapped down HARD..

Fred said...

There's some thought going around that it's simply to deny victory for the republicans that would have beat them anyway. Just a final dirty stinky political trick.

(lifted off Arfcom)
It would be much better for them to lose.

1. By retiring they are allowing an untarnished D to run instead. While this will not save every seat (people are pissed at the D party), it will lessen the losses.

2. The media will only report a "loss" as a seat that was occupied by someone running. Thus they will make the D losses next Nov sound a LOT less severe than they really will be.

So both the acutal damage and the perception of damage to the general public to the D party will be less than if these guys stayed and fought it out.

I have to admit the -*$#^@- are playing hardball politics FAR better than the Republican party even dreams about.

Tam said...

Yeah, in the cold light of day, I'm less sanguine.

Dod was slated to take an ass-whuppin' at the polls this fall, and now they'll run somebody who might win.

PPPP said...

Something else to consider, folks. Congess has, in their infinite greed, written the rules such that when they retire, they get to keep, tax free, IIRC, their re-election war chests.

Dodd's gonna lose anyway, so he may as well go out not having been beaten, and with a big nest egg.

WV - malis: what congress had aforethought

Crucis said...

Michael Barone, in the Washington Examiner, has a growing list of dems who are quitting and heading for high timber rather than face their constituents at the polls. current thought is that it'd be better for a lessor known liberal to run and possible fool (again) voters into voting for a democrat.

At worse case, another leadership slot is open for the next senior pol. The in-house Marxists are taking a beating.