Monday, January 25, 2010


I got a call at work last Friday afternoon from my friend Holly. She told me that she was interested in going to the range the next day to - get this! - prepare for the CCW class.

That's right. One of my chicks with guns (see blog sidebar) wants to get her CCW!

Thing was, Holly still isn't feeling very confident in her gun handling skills and wanted to bring a couple of friends with her, both who had never been shooting before. I offered to supervise and bring our .22 pistols - a good way to teach basic safety, grip, and sight picture to newbies without having to manage a lot of recoil. Holly said she was going to bring her H&K P2000, a 9mm.

I met Holly, Starla and Starla's husband Mikey at our local range where they had already acquired two lanes and a bunch of targets. They were eager to begin so I brought out the .22s and demonstrated the difference between a revolver and a semi-automatic and how each was loaded. I helped them with their grip and just let them shoot, telling them not to worry about aiming - I think it's better to feel what shooting is like before you start worrying about hitting the target.

Everyone did very well with their gun handling - muzzles were always pointed downrange and I had to give a Rule 3 reminder only once.

The H&K 9mm is a fine, efficient pistol to shoot - but honestly? There is so much slack between beginning to squeeze the trigger and the trigger actually doing something that it completely sucks for teaching trigger control. I suggested they try my Bersa instead - a little bit of recoil, a better trigger...everyone liked it. So much, in fact, that Holly is thinking of buying one for her carry gun and Mikey was asking for one for his birthday.


MaddMedic said...

Ohhh the Brady Bunch will be so angry at you out there corrupting poor innocents in the "eeeeviilllsss" of guns!!

On the other hand those of us whom don't see it as Brady does and understand true meaning of "gun control"!
ATTA GIRL!! Keep up the good gunny work!!Teaching the true meaning of "gun control"!!

Michael said...

Outstanding. . . Feels good to share the love of shooting doesn't it?

Yuri Orlov said...

Great job!

Jay G said...

Out-freakin'-standing, Breda.

Sarah Brady is rumored to be inconsolable...

Weer'd Beard said...

And another "Blah" Review of an H&K pistol!

Good work Breda, this is why we win!

Scott McCray said...
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Scott McCray said...

You rock! I told my Mom about you and CHICKS WITH GUNS - she told me she has two folks that she is planning to take out for their first handgun experience. Mom rocks, too!

West, By God said...

Awesome :)

Those little Bersa pistols are totally underrated. I taught a few people to shoot with mine.

Glad to see you are keeping up the good work!

PPPP said...

And the World's Most Famous Bersa (c) teaches another two or three how to shoot!

be603 said...

Good on ya. (Re)Building a nation of rifleman: One at a time.

Buckshot said...


Breda has not started on the riflemen yet, she is still creating pistoleros.

Nothing wrong with that, either, they can carry one way or the other, it will be YEARS before a slung rifle is acceptable for everyday wear again!

We will take every shooter we can get any way we can get them!


Mike W. said...

And the Bredalucion continues! Awesome job yet again Breda!

Was the P2000 a DA/SA or LEM trigger? My understanding is that some LEM triggers are as heavy as 7.5-8.5 lbs. (though I could be wrong)