Saturday, February 27, 2010

not so hot-so

I'm sorry about the state of my blog. I'm nursing a funk and haven't had the energy or the inclination to find things to write about - I glower at the news, repaint my nails every other day, take Advil, watch movies, curse at my iPhone, drink beer, and avoid any sudden movements lest I anger the muscles in my neck. I did manage some pumpkin muffins last night, adding Craisins and chopped walnuts to make myself feel better - as if a handful of dried fruit and nuts magically makes baked goods healthy.

And you know, I hate to bitch, I really do - but I've had a not-so-great week. I spent most of Monday and all of Tuesday in bed and on Wednesday, I congratulated myself on actually getting up and taking a shower. Thursday morning, I had a teensy panic attack while driving to work and on Friday, it started to snow.

I drove my hooptie to the police station for copies of the incident/accident reports, and...found a typo that had the potential to cause me to get screwed by the insurance more than I probably will already. I had to call and ask to make the necessary corrections. My conversation with the patrolman felt like this: "Hello, Officer, this the librarian from the hit/skip accident last Sunday, remember me? Well, I, umm...found a typo in your accident report. Yes, I'm editing your work, and yes, I'm the world's biggest nerd but...could you just fix it?"

I also learned that the other driver hit me the second time in his attempt to flee the scene (which would explain why the second impact felt harder than the first - he was apparently trying to accelerate through me.)

So on top of everything, I have to deal with the frustration of not being allowed to hunt the bastard down and beat the ever living shit out of him.


JohnMXL said...

Some people (like 'the bastard') are alive because it's not worth the felony conviction to take them out.

Old Grouch said...

"...I'm nursing a funk and haven't had the energy or the inclination to find things to write about."

Well, you could post some more cat pictures. That's always good. ;-)

" if a handful of dried fruit and nuts magically makes baked goods healthy..."



Seriously, if you can't bitch on yer own blog...
And save that frustration for use on your insurance co.


TW: bumbilyc - "I sprained my bumbilyc in that accident, and now I can't stand up OR sit down!"

Mike W. said...

Good job checking the police reports.

You wouldn't believe how glaringly inaccurate they are on a regular basis.

Take it easy, get better, and don't worry about the blogging.

On a Wing and a Whim said...

Hey, we're here for you, not you're here for us. Take your time, relax, enjoy a good glass of wine and a bath with your favorite oils, salts, or bubble bath and rubber devil ducky, and relax and feel better.

I'm just glad you're still in one piece, if a bit battered.

Paul said...

Just as a side note, a motor vehicle is, in some cases, thought to be a deadly weapon. Just saying.

I tried hard to get the spelling an puncuation right. Spelling not so much.

Newbius said...

Isn't assault with a motor vehicle akin to threatening your life? Should'a shot him...

Just saying...

Clint said...

I was thinking that was why he hit you twice. I didn't say anything before because well, there was enough speculation and this deal is crappy enough already. Seems he hit the gas before turning the wheel and was too stupid to realize he didn't have enough room. That would explain the no license part.

To repeat what has been said before, see a doctor and call a lawyer. Look, the typo thing is bad enough, but this is starting to look like a situation that goes from bad to worse.

Sorry for the lack of good news, but the more you do now the less trouble you will have later. Trust me, I know.

Se a doctor on Monday. Do not just make an appointment walk in if you have to. A week of blah's might be normal but probable isn't and treating this like it is serious will show others (insurance, judge) that it is serious.

Plus, you have to make a choice, how much effort are you willing to put up to see the dirtbag gets his due? In a perfect world you shouldn't have to go out of your way to see justice work but this world has lawyers. This looks like a case where a lawyer WILL be needed. First the insurance guys are going to be confused by the police report. Second, the dirtbag has played the system before and with milk the judge for sympathy so he looks like a victim!! Then he walks and well, he gets his normal life back.

Without a lawyer all you can really say is how you don't like it and it is not fair. The law doesn't care. A lawyer can point out exactly what is wrong, HOW it was wrong and WHY the dirtbag must pay. Without a lawyer he walks with a slap on the wrist. And you will fill worse for not having done more. At least that is how I felt.

My brother knew a coworker who had multi dui's and a suspended license. After an accident the judge felt sorry for the creep and the sentence was a suspended license with drive-to-work privileges. Which means the jerk had a lighter sentence AFTERWARD, because the the jerk went from NO driving to you-can-drive-to-work.


Sorry for the long post.

NYEMT said...

Why can't you hunt him down? Isn't it open season out there? ;)

Joanna said...

So on top of everything, I have to deal with the frustration of not being allowed to hunt the bastard down and beat the ever living shit out of him.

Don't worry. I'm sure one of your readers knows someone who knows someone who might know someone who could resolve that.

(I've never known anyone, ever. For the record.)

rickn8or said...

What On a Wing and a Whim and Clint said.

Take your time, the rest of us will be here when you get back.

Wai said...

When I first got my truck, I got rear-ended by someone who did not have insurance, as I later found out when I called up her insurance company. They told me that no one by that name had an insurance policy with them. They then directed me Connecticut DMV to file an request for an investigation on the driver, which I did. I do not know the outcome of said investigation, but I do hope the person that rear-ended me got her just desserts. I wasn't pissed because she rear-ended me; it's that she had no insurance that pissed me off even more. There was hardly a scratch on my bumper as her hood went under my trailer hitch when she slammed on her brakes and her hood folded up like a cheap lawn chair. Not only that, but her car was brand new.

On top of that, the police report I got had her address on it. Believe me, thoughts of paying her a visit in the 2 weeks that followed the accident did cross my mind, but I knew it would come to no good, so I let it go.

So, brand new car; accident with about $4000 in damages to her front end; driving without insurance; investigation by the DMV; probably never going to stop hearing about it from her parents - I know it hurt her more than it hurt me.

Buckshot said...


You CAN "hunt the bastard down and beat the ever living shit out of him", but you have to have two things down pat first.

You have to have "plausible deniability" down, and THAT is going to be hard to do, as you will need to find (or construct with their help) a clone of yourself and you have to have "leave no marks or evidence" down also. Yes, I know that REAL crime scene techs can't make the great leaps that CSIs do on TV, but they ARE good.

To make it work, you have to be able to leave no marks or evidence while keeping your plausible deniability going.

So, can you physically put a beat down on him while leaving no marks or evidence out to implicate you and having your clone in plain and obvious sight so you can say "see, I was your choice (at work, at the range, swatting my husband and tickling the cat)!

When you have the physical ability to do this and the low people in high places to help you do this, then you are good to go.

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

1000 cc IV bags of Normal Saline hit hard and leave no marks.

Just sayin'

You will be sore for a bit. Esp your neck.
Life and health comes first.

Skip said...

You want him wounded or gone?
A dollar three ninety eight plus expenses of about eleventeen should do it. 555-231-0934

Wiz said...

I wish I could say something to cheer you up. I hate to see you down. But I'm fresh out of cheer. So, in the spirit of Misery Loves Company...

Me, too!

Mark Alger

Thirdpower said...


Roberta X said...

It really is always darkest before the dawn, especially this time of year.

See a doctor and a lawyer.

Anonymous said...

You could make a voodoo doll!

Ok, to be serious, I'm sure any of your regular readers would agree with me that we'll be here. If you want to write, or if you just want to know that we're listening, we're here.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Where is the "Click on this to send ammo and range fee money to help cheer up Breda" button?

BobG said...

"I did manage some pumpkin muffins last night, adding Craisins and chopped walnuts to make myself feel better"

You had the right idea, you just made the wrong kind of muffins. Try these instead.

Ed Skinner said...

You're entitled. It's called righteous indignation.

Old NFO said...

I'd prescribe some range time... It has amazing recupretive powers! Srsly, hope you get to feeling better...

Chris M said...

I tried to email you some photos I took in the hopes they'd cheer you. I hope you got them. One had a cat in it.

Will said...

On police reports:
Expect them to be wrong. And, the longer it takes to get the report out of them, the more wrong it will be. Take lots of photos, even if they are also taking photos. (note: if there are serious injuries involved, they might decide to seize your photos as "evidence", so try to be low profile in that case)
Also, if all parties are there, do your best to be the first to speak with the responding officer, even if this requires you to leave footprints on the other persons back (I'm not joking-well, a teensy bit). With the police, their world consists of two groups: victims, and perps. Most of the time, the victim is the first one they talk to, because the BG is gone. This carries over to accidents. So, first to speak is accorded "victim" status, and that is VERY difficult to override after the fact. The CHP is considered to be the model for traffic cops nationwide. I worked with them for years. This is a very real problem for them, plus their report writing sucks. I suspect they have been coasting on their reputation for a looonnngg time.

If there are more than one officer at the scene, get ID from all of them, as the lead officer may change at some point. That can play havoc with reports down the line. Get as much info from EVERYONE at the scene, don't rely on the police to get it right, it can get lost. If tow trucks are called to the scene, get driver info if possible from ALL of them (they could be important sources of crash info, as they tend to be observant and curious, and more knowledgeable about vehicles and crash dynamics than the typical officer).

Lissa said...

Please go a-doctoring, lovely? We worry about you!