Thursday, April 29, 2010

death panel

Obama sent us a very clear message with his jackboots the other day. Gotta teach The Red Hat Society their place, right?

Oh, but I'm sure they all went home that evening muttering, "I was just following orders."

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Jay G said...

Let me just state for the record I am all in favor of using SWAT teams against Red Hatters...


Ed Rasimus said...

Rather than jack-booted storm troopers I keep flashing on Redcoats and Hessians marching onto the field in close battle array while the colonials lurk behind tries with Kentucky long rifles...

The twelve guys hut-hutting down the street counting cadence can only do that against the Red Hatters. There are also 3-percenters around.

Anonymous said...

First of all respectable jack-booted thugs have the common courtesy to be in step.

Second their presence is unnecessary, nothing happened there that the one recognizable policeman couldn't have handled.

Third, and just to be contrary, all they did was walk up in a grabasstic disorganized manner and stand there, and the two guys on the roof had (unless I missed it) nothing better than sidearms.


Anonymous said...

Catch-22: Do we want the police to be in the habit of NOT following orders?

While the image of riot police confronting elderly women is amusing in a sick way, the real beef is not with the cops, but with the elitist pr*cks who ordered them out. To my knowledge, MiniTru has been (un)remarkably curious about this issue. Did the cops go out on their own hook? Did the Secret Service call them in? What was the role of Imeme and his staff in this?

It speaks volumes that this president (or, to be fair, people around him) apparently feels the need to call in riot police against people who are peacefully exercizing their constitutional rights to protest his policies and actions.

bob said...

"I was only following orders."

Ah, The Nuremberg Defense. I would remind those Assclowns we hung the last group of "Nice Germans" that tried to hide behind that particular rationale.