Wednesday, April 28, 2010

hey, it could work.

There seems to be a sort of hullabaloo about Arizona's desire to enforce federal immigration laws. Despite 70% of Arizonans being in favor of this law, CNN is still claiming it's polarizing the state and the Left has their collective panties in a knot. They're likely worried about losing potential votes from yet another one of their "special interest"groups, what else could it be? They're already tossing around the idea of letting them having drivers' licenses, I can only imagine that illegal suffrage is next. ('d be so much easier than doing voter registration in graveyards, right?)

Anyway, I figure if we make the border something of a spectacle, (with Disney World-esque security, natch) our little problem would be easily solved - because seriously, who is going to mess with mustaches like those?


Alan said...

The majority that doesn't want Obamacare is wrong and evil and can be ignored.

The majority that wants the borders enforced is wrong and evil and can be ignored.

What was that about a democracy?

Anonymous said...

The Pakistan/India Border is about as secure as the America/Mexico Border, maybe even less so.

The closing is mostly ceremonial, though legal traffic is stopped, if you want to cross, you can.

Tightening the security, halting the drugs trade by legalising it, and getting a sensible system of getting working immigrants is the key.

Just clamping down on the border won't work, it's too big.

Solus said...

Ad'lan, I agree with your points.

This law goes beyond border tightening and looks to prosecute illegals found in the US. It would apply both to border states and non border states.

An interesting note is that the governors approval rating jumped by 16% after he signed the bill.

Now that will get the attention of every governor in the US.

racer944 said...

I agree with Ad'lan. The border is WAY too big, and WAY too remote. Unless we're looking to have a wall 40+ ft tall, with a three lane highway for constant Humvee patrols, there will always be ways to get around it.

Stop the drug wars by making them compete (ie Prohibition to today's brewing wars), allow immigrants in to work the tough jobs that "nobody wants" (still BS, just our entitlement system and arrogance), and have Mexico get real firearms rights.

All would be right with the world, but too many people are making a quick buck off it.

Roberta X said...

...Say what you will, I totally squee'd at the Indian/Pakistan border-closing ceremony. C'mon, if more international conflict were conducted with such panache, the world would be a whole lot more fun.

...Now if only they'd stop sniping at one another betweentimes.

Tam said...

I can't get enough of that video. It is positively wonderful.

I think that having martial step offs would make an excellent substitute for warfare.

Tam said...

...and we totally typed those responses independently! :D

B Smith said...

Holy crow...did you SEE the kicks those guys did around 1:26- 1:28? Friggin' awesome.
Also, I know Breda doesn't like Monty Python, but I can't resist...