Monday, April 26, 2010

huge tracts of land

This ad, said to contain far too much boob for the American public, was rejected by two networks.

Sizeist? Boobist? It's bizarre that the only women's undergarments allowed on television advertisements are worn by women who, honestly, don't really need them. (Yes, Victoria Secret, I mean you.) The skinny/pretty cookiecutter standard for how women on television are expected to look often leads to discrimination. For example, aside from the occasional novelty, you hardly ever see plus sized women on television but the same cannot be said for men - the fat guy/hot wife show is standard sitcom fare.

So, sure, I like this Lane Bryant ad - the model is gorgeous and it's tastefully done. If some plus sized woman watches it and thinks, "Hey, I'm going to go buy myself a lacy Lane Bryant bra because, dammit, I'm sexy too!" all the better. Hooray for capitalism and loving your body.

What I have a problem with is the backlash. If you take a look at the comments for the Hotair article linked above, you'll read things like:

"Now that is what a healthy woman is supposed to look like."


"This is what women look like. This is what men want."


"Voluptuous is the best word in the English language, and it’s the way a truly sexy woman is supposed to look."

And I cannot tell you how many times I've read the words "real women have curves." Bullshit.

See, women come in all shapes and sizes. "Real" women, even. And sexy? Honey, that comes from what's between your ears.


the pistolero said...

And sexy? Honey, that comes from what's between your ears.

I would say it also comes from how you carry yourself. I have known a few women who didn't fit the societal ideal for beauty yet were still damn sexy. In fact, I married one of them last month.

PresterSean said...

Married mine 12 years ago, damn skippy!

Cacique has been a blessing for her, she has finally found good bras that fit well.

Michael Schuyler said...

Even with the predominance of the 'small bra' skinny model so many women still have feelings of inadequcy if they are on the small side. I have always thought this was nonsense and if you really get down to it, men don't care one way or another DESPITE all the hoopla over large. It's all an act.

So my advice is to treat this carefully and say, "Honey, anything over a handfull is a waste."

Adjust according to circumstances.

Fred said...

That's plus sized? Really, if she's "fat" she sure carries it well...

Crucis said...

I have seen TV ads for plus sized women underwear. I don't remember exactly who the ad was for. "Fruit of the Loom" seems to ring a few bells.

Jennifer said...

Amen to that!

Joanna said...

Real women don't feel the need to scream about what "real women" do or do not have. I happen to be curvy (not fat -- that was a year ago), but that's not what makes me sexy.

And don't forget there's a world of difference between sexy and sexual. I infinitely prefer to be the former.

John B said...

With apologies to the trasnsgendered. My stringent requirements for female sexyness...


I'm prepared to make exceptions in exceptional cases, except I don't really find Zombies all that sexy.

Obama! Obama! Obama!

I mean does that sound sexy to you?

DaddyBear said...

OK, that's going up on a loop in my desktop.

But Breda's right. Sexy comes more from how a woman thinks and acts than how she's shaped and what she wears.

But curves and frilly undies never hurt. ;-)

Stuart said...

When it comes to boobs, size doesn't matter, it is shape and proportion that matters.


Cargosquid said...

Sexy is a woman willing to put up with me..... happily married since 1993.

Oh, and real women have do have curves.....different ones from men....

Sexy is a woman that likes guns.

Anonymous said...

About the only things that look bad on a woman are really obviously defined muscles and protruding ribs. This is not to disparage the female bodybuilders, if that is what they want to do the power to they.

Beyond that, sexiness does indeed start between the ears.


A Horse Thief said...

Preach on sister.

Unknown.Rodent said...

You're right attractive people (men/women) come in all shapes an sizes. There is no Real Woman, Man, American, Son, Daughter or anything else. We are who we are and vive la différence. What a boring world it would be if we all attempted to conform to an external definition of who we should be.

As to Lane Bryant issue with ABC and FOX....

Me thinks Lane Bryant is pitching this fit for publicity. According to the press releases from both ABC and FOX they both agreed to air the add but required some edits. In FOX's case just as they did with the Victoria Secret Ad Lane Bryant is complaining about. While the model here is not toothpick thin I don't think most of America would really have given this ad a second thought without the hissy fit and free publicity Lane Bryant has gotten out of the controversy.

mariner said...

the fat guy/hot wife show is standard sitcom fare.

You silly woman.

That's because the fat guy is the object of ridicule.

But hey, let's have some sitcoms where fat women are ridiculed by their hot husbands.

Equality for women, you know.

Mulligan said...

"I'll be in my bunk" -- Jayne Cobb

Beaumont said...

No worries about the castle staying up this time.

Eric said...

Hearing the word voluptuous reminds me of Total Recall where Arnold is choosing his "partner" at Recall - "slim, voluptuous, athletic" and he goes for sleazy and demure!