Friday, May 14, 2010

I made it

When I left yesterday, Cleveland had had 3 days of straight up murk - a damp, chilly grayness that left us all asking ourselves, "This is still spring, right?" We were starting to believe that we had slipped into something of a weather wormhole, zipping us right past summer and into fall again. There was even frost on the windows Monday morning.

But after a near painless TSA experience and two quick flights, oh-so-very early in the morning, I arrived in Charlotte only to find that it looked a lot like home...if home actually had sunshine a noticable portion of the time. Suddenly I had summer, all at once.

A stop at the gun free zone convention hall to pick up my media pass, a visit to Walmart to find a pair of cheap sunglasses and all at once it hit me - I was tired. I found my motel, befriended the desk clerk (who gave me a tip on a nearby Indian restaurant, plus a room with a fridge and a microwave) and decided to just relax - streaming Netflix, a big ol' bathtub, and a king size bed were calling my name.

The NRA could wait - the real fun starts today, anyway.


Anonymous said...

Glad you made it! Have fun storming the castle!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear the trip was interesting for being unremarkable.


Mad Saint Jack said...

Notice to all members of the Breda fan club.

Photos of Breda (plus gun X) are mandatory for this event.

MSJ- Breda's #1 fanboy.

Farmmom said...

Have tons of fun hun!!!!!

Ed Rasimus said...

"We've got half a tank of gas, a full pack of cigarettes, it's night and we're wearing sun-glasses, what could go wrong..."

Being at the NRA doings with all those neat displays, all those great conservative stars, surrounded by the folks who comprise the "real" America, and with a good Indian restaurant down the street, Netflix and a hot tub. You've died and gone to heaven!

Scott McCray said...

Glad you made it safely - I'm on my way into town this evening. I'm looking forward to the meet-up tomorrow evening - how many folks are planning to come?


Mad Saint Jack said...

Watching NRA news now. I'd like to see some bloggers on the air.

Keads said...

Welcome! Glad you are here and perhaps I will bump into you tomorrow!