Wednesday, May 12, 2010

next round's on me

A quick thinking Ohio man stops an armed robbery, gets shot 4 times in the process and will probably never have to buy himself a beer ever again.

When you have a dangerous mind, anything can be a weapon.
(But carry your gun anyway, okay?)


Robert Langham said...

Couldn't tell what pistol it was but must not have been much. Seems like a .22 LR would be serious 4X though....

Joanna said...

What gun for beer?

/had to be said

Mad Saint Jack said...

"I think something terrible could have happened," said Poland.

Dude got shot 4 times.

Also, I really hope those where .22 holes, not .38.

Anonymous said...

What MSJ said.


Brad said...

"Sheriff's deputies showed up just minutes later."


Solus said...

I saw the same thing happen in a convenience store in the early 70s.

The robber pulled his gun, but right behind him in line was the neighborhood drunk who whacked him in the back of the head with a quart bottle of beer, dropping him on the spot.

I guess the moral is "Bring enough beer"