Saturday, May 15, 2010

woo hoo-ing

I'm not entirely sure what RapidZ is selling,

but I know all about "woo hoo-ing"...yesterday was full of it.

I got my first look at the exhibit floor, hung out with these guys,

(MikeW, Weer'dBeard, JayG, Alan, SayUncle) *

enjoyed the lovely weather, met some interesting new people, tried collard greens, grits and sweet tea, and laughed - a lot.

Oh, and did quite a bit of this:

(the guy in the background just cracks me up)

* I also enjoyed meeting Countertop, Joe Huffman, and Xrlq - check out them out for some great photos and NRA Annual Meeting coverage!


ZerCool said...

I've even got the right haircut to hang with them ... maybe next year. Almost certainly next year.

Color me all kinds of jealous.

The big wheelie - Taurus? Looks vaguely like a Raging Bull, unless I miss my guess. The guy in the background is thinking either:
(A) "Little girls can't shoot guns that big!"
(B) "She looks familiar, but where is the world's most famous Bersa?"

Mad Saint Jack said...

That's the good stuff.

ZC- I'm going to guess (using hand size) that that is a smaller frame gun with a long barrel. Maybe a .17 HMR Tracker, or even a .357.

I also cheated and looked at their website. Taurus is now making a 5mm revolver!?! I don't know who will buy it, but I love them for taking a chance on revolvers in a semi-auto world.

ZerCool said...

MSJ - betting against the .17HMR due to the size of the muzzle porting. I think a .17 pill would fall out one of those... and who brakes a .17? :)

I'd believe .357, though...

Taurus makes some inexpensive guns, but they seem to have a good feel for the market and decent quality. I keep thinking about one of their 1911s or the new 9mm "slim".

rickn8or said...

Kinda scary how your eyes are lighting up there, Breda.

LabRat said...

And the grits? Were they good grits?

mdrewrankin said...

Rapid-Z is a series of reticles by Zeiss.