Sunday, June 13, 2010

as a bug's ear

Zooey Deschanel nails that new shooter grin in the film Yes, Man. Oh, and she can sing, too.

She makes me want to get a new haircut...with bangs. Cute, no?

Hope everyone's having a lovely weekend!


Anonymous said...

I'm curious about how much of that song is her ability and how much of it is Pro Tools. If she can sing like that then great, and in any case it is pretty catchy.

The bangs look cute, why not give it a go?


w/v: phrogr. I never was any good at that game.

be603 said...

oh she can sing alright. comes from the deep end of the talent pool (parents both "in the business). Sings in many of her movies.

Old NFO said...

Interesting video... Bangs are 'cute' but I don't remember seeing too many adult women that they looked good on... Just my .02

Lydia said...

she's also gluten free. I adore her in lots of ways.

Mike W. said...

"I don't remember seeing too many adult women that they looked good on."


Oh, and Breda, until you pointed it out I had no idea Zooey was even in a band.

Anonymous said...

For comparison, she sings live:

Hmm. Perhaps she is a singer moonlighting as an actress rather than the other way around.


Buckshot said...

Is this person related to the Dmily by what appears to be the same name that appears in the "Bones" show as the scientist?


Anonymous said...

Buckshot - Zooey and Emily (the actress you mention) are sisters. They wrote a part for Zooey for one episode. Come to think of it I might see if I can find the box set somewere.


sobriant74 said...

She is as cute as a button and as a happily married man, I'll leave it at that. :)
And yes, I've heard her sing, and it isnt techno tricks.

Eric said...

Cute, yes!

Ken said...

I've liked her work ever since she walked away with Failure to Launch (no, I didn't pay money to see it, it was on cable). Ironically, her character in that movie was trying to buy a gun (and one round of ammunition, or something like that) at a sporting goods store. Didn't know she could sing.