Friday, June 4, 2010


"And this points out another hypocrisy of the guilt-drenched lefty: white people with guns, bad. Black people with guns? Bad! But in a good, Samuel Jackson-kind-of-way!"

Read the whole thing.


Mike W. said...

Given the attitudes of lefties like Maher is it any wonder why the left wants to keep inner-city blacks disarmed in Chicago, D.C., and pretty much everywhere else?

George said...

The new quote from my wife's classroom: " is that not racist, again?"

Mike W. said...

George - If Rush Limbaugh had said it you can bet It'd be racist, but the left claims to love black folks, so they can't be racist.

Lissa said...

George - Liberals can't be racist, because they want the government to give more to minorities. Stupid. Get thee to re-education camp!

WV: gunmed. Seriously! Planning on some of that this weekend.

(recoil therapy, that is. not shooting guns while on meds. duh.)

Bubblehead Les said...

So let me get this straight: If we had a Palestinian- American, would Maher expect him to show up with an AK-47? Or if he was Chinese-American, he'd be expected to show up in a Kung-fu outfit holding twin hooked swords? Why does the Time-Warner Board of Directors allow this idiot to remain on HBO? SIGH! Heinlein did predict the Crazy Years would last until the early 21st. century. Oh, well, enjoy the weekend and get some shooting in. Remember, a day without trigger time is like a day without sunshine!