Sunday, July 18, 2010

I want to win.

The Firearm Blog is hosting a contest along with Lucky Gunner and I could win 1000 - yes, ONE THOUSAND! - rounds of .380.

Now, everyone think happy "Breda needs .380" thoughts for me, ok? (Oh, and click the above links too, if you don't mind.)

UPDATE: How sweet!! New Jovian Thunderbolt is considering giving me the 1000 rounds of .380 from Lucky Gunner if he happens to win the contest - but one thing seems to be holding him back.

But not to worry, TBolt, you've described Mike all wrong. Let me reassure you - his fists aren't as big as the buckets on a front-end loader at all...they're more like coal shovels.


Anonymous said...

Good luck! I really hope you win!

*thinks happy thoughts*

Anonymous said...

UPDATE: That's a funny update.

Also - Locally I spend 16.99 for 50 Fiocchi, Speer, and Am Eagle. Round nose. For HP I pay $21-29.

Montana said...

Fair notice. I posted my Lucky Gunner .380 contest. I wouldn't have known about it without your blog. Therefore, if I win, you get the ammo. The 5k rounds of 9mm I keep on hand are enough for me. :)

DirtCrashr said...

Good luck, I hope you win too.

word: upper (AR Uppers are teh kewlz!)

FatWhiteMan said...

You guys are wasting your time--I will be winning. It will be mine, all mine.

John B said...

FWM-It's a contest! I'm sure you won't mind if we contest your divine right.

I guess I better win it since I started the "Buy .380 for Breda Drive". She knows where it's going if I win. Plus Mike knows, while I worship the ground his brides feet don't quite touch, I'd never do anything improper.

Skip said...

Short chicks need .380.
I'm in for the 'most deadlyist librarian'.