Saturday, July 31, 2010


I'm such a slacker.


Anonymous said...

You are certainly not a slacker - merely underappreciated.

Now I'm not comparing you to Chuck Norris, but like him your nearness to those other women would diminish their glory. You wouldn't want that to happen would you?

stay safe.

wv = preor: what you were stuck with before there were choices.

Wiz said...

I dunno. Except for Annie Oakley and -- MAYBE -- Joan of Arc, the women on that list aren't terribly admirable.

To me, Annie Oakley was a real hero. Joan was plain crazy, which has a quality all its own.

But the rest strike me as losers. Whining about your children to get out of a just sentence? Give me a break!

No, Breda. They're not in YOUR league. You got nothing to be ashamed of.


Mike W. said...

you are far too hard on yourself.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Baby Steps, just take Baby Steps, you'll get there!

tsimer said...

Nellie Bly - the first female newspaper reporter in New York - was an inspiration to me in high school. She emulated Jules Verne by actually traveling around the world in 80 days and she went undercover at a mental institution to expose how bad the system was in New York.

Willorith said...

Dear Madam Queen:

You see where Boudica lies on that list. Number 2 badass woman of all time.
Maybe you should be looking at swords.