Thursday, August 5, 2010

B B & Guns blogger spotlight

Bonnie and I are thrilled to welcome Ambulance Driver to the show for our first ever blogger spotlight. We'll chat with Kelly and take calls from his fans.

I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly (and the amazing Miss KatyBeth) at Blogorado '09 and thought he'd be a great guest - he knows his guns, is a master storyteller and is quite possibly the funniest man I've ever met. It's going to be a great hour!

We'll be on Blogtalk Radio tonight at 7PM eastern and if you'd like to call in, the number is (347) 215-8643. Join us!


Lissa said...

Make sure you ask him the difference between a redneck and a good ol' boy :)

Weer'd Beard said...

Oooh Good topic!

I'll be there! head cold and all!

OldeForce said...

Way OT: We were in Walden, CO, yesterday; stopped at the library for the restrooms and info, and were told the best hamburgers in town were at the bowling alley. Walden has no stoplights - or funding for books. So we threw some $ in and went for what were great 'burgers. Earlier we'd been at Steamboat Springs. [We did 4 days in a big loop from SE of Denver, including 40 miles of gravel.] Two or three years ago Steamboat spent $3.5 million on a library expansion. Tourist dollars? So, neighbors, show your library/librarian some love, next time you visit. Even if you're only there for the restrooms.
WV: larypot. Yeah, cousin Larry did get caught with some, but that was years ago.

Weer'd Beard said...

Missed it live, as I was feeling poorly.

Still I liked the dirty trick when you turned it into "The Kelly Show"

You are a prankster!

Great show, despite the hiccup!