Friday, August 27, 2010

Kick Ass

This kid is a real life superhero...

(It's not the size of the girl in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the girl.)


Mike W. said...

Well that certainly brightens up my lunch break :)

A gun is a tool, but you are the weapon. Kick ass indeed. She caught him entirely off guard.

Weer'd Beard said...

Also interesting is that he picked the elevator as an ambush point because it would allow him to close off the escape routes.

Sadly with the escape routes shut-down it gave his intended Victim no choice but to beat the everloving shit out of him lest he recover the upper-hand!

Great Vid!

RuffRidr said...

Great video! I like near the end how she grabs him by the collar and pulls him back into the elevator for some more ass kicking. Nice.

Stuart said...

My inital reaction to this was that it had to be fake, but upon viewing the larger size video on youtube I guess it COULD be real (Still not 100% convinced).

First, I couldn't figure out how she managed to take the guy down when all she had control of was his lower arm and hand, but upon viewing full screen it looks like she bit him. I guess that could do it if the guy is a wimp and wasn't expecting any resistance. I would think a rapist would psych himself up better for an attack and would be better prepared for a victum to fight back.

I wish there was more information than just a youtube video so that we could figure out if it is real or not. If real, this is pretty impressive.


SpeakerTweaker said...

I also like how she, after dragging him back in the elevator for Round II, takes off after him when the door opens for Round III.

Yes, kick-ass indeed!


Anonymous said...

To me it looks like the guy doesn't have shoes - is he from her martial arts class? Fake?

The Old Man said...

Booyah. I'd like to think that could be my daughter in action.

Tried to show her some stuff... Hope it took.

Jonathan Bartels said...

"wasn't expecting any resistance"

This is key to most criminal minds. If they were willing to work for what they wanted, they would have jobs.

Old NFO said...

LOVE IT! She kicked his ass!!! :-)

MaddMedic said...


Some real dumbassery on the dudes part.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I am loving the repeated head-smashes into the door/floor.

Just goes to show how useless elevator cameras are, though... could you identify anyone?

Eric said...

A great demonstration of why you should use both straps on your backpack! If she had slung it on only one shoulder, it would have swung around and potentially distracted her from the task at hand.

I also liked how quickly the perp went into a fetal position!

Phillip said...

That made me smile. An evil, vengeful smile, but a smile nonetheless.

Bubblehead Les. said...

What Eric said. Keep both hands as free as possible, you never know when you need them. Noticed she also did not have her nose buried in some TechoGear. But she should have kept her back to the wall, not to a stranger. If not a fake, good job!

Bradley said...


Love that once she got in his ooda loop, she never broke off the attack. Thats classic military training, once inside and you have the advantage never let up.

Now if only she had a light weight 38 in her purse :snark:

More proof that the weapon is not the tool one uses, it is the mind.

Wiz said...

I noticed early on that she has excellent situational awareness. She looks back at the perp a couple of times before he makes his move. She may have caught him by surprise, but the opposite's not the case.

Then chasing him out of the elevator: HELL yes! Don't just let him get away; kick his ass some more. THis kind of aggression demands punishment.

Shame it would probably result in a whiney-bitch lawsuit from the perp, and that no judge on Earth would simply throw it out on the merits.

Mark Alger

Solus said...

Nothing special about it....just Chuck Norris in drag again =) =) =)

Skip said...

Hope she got a few nail/eye contacts.
The next time she spots ol' eye patch she kicks his ass again.

Jennifer said...

I love her. She's my hero currently.

Geodkyt said...

Just a comment on what Stuart said.

Generally speaking, if he's a pedophillic rapist who hasn't yet progressed to serial killing as the goal (as opposed to "merely" using murder as a witness elimination technique), chances are he has all the confidence of left over boiled spaghetti.

That's part of his disorder. If he had any confidence, he would likely be raping adults.

Note that I don't excuse him in the slightest when stating he has a disorder. If he has any knowledge that it's wrong to attack children and ANY capability to choose to do or not do it, he's still 100% responsible. Being sick and inclined to do sick things isn't an excuse, even when it is an explanation -- just as a predisposition to alcoholism isn't anexcuse for DWI. Execute the evil monster and be done with it.

Of course if his mental illness was such that he either does not understand that these things are wrong, or he had absolutely no ability to control himself, he wouldn't be legally responsible. . . but that would mean that we need to keep him safely locked up. Quarrantine the crazy SOB so he cannot hurt anyone else, just as we would quarrantine someone with Ebola.

Will said...

I don't think she's as young as everyone thinks. Just because she has a backpack does not make her a school kid.

Regarding the initial take-down. She may have bit him, but it looks like she uses his arm as a lever. Wrist in one hand, elbow in her left, and rolls his head down to the floor.

I'd say she is left-handed. That collar grab when she yanked him right off his feet, and she hits him numerous times on the neck and face while holding him still with her right hand.

Looks like she gets in a couple stomps on his neck/face just before he is able to exit.

Besides the glance back at him, she is watching him in the reflective wall surface.

I think her position is good. If she stands against the back wall, she can get pinned, without room to move. Plus, if someone gets on she doesn't like the looks of, she can bolt right out the door as they are moving past her. Harder to accomplish if she is stuck way at the back to start with.

As do most people, she lacks the killer instinct. She works to hurt him, but not to maim or kill. I would recommend she also carry a small purse with a long strap. When she first got him down, it looked like she was trying to garrote him. If she had that long strap, she could have had him very quiet very quick, without all that exercise!

adam said...

Sorry to say I can see that video being involved in a case in the UK, with the girl getting punished for excessive force.